“Yokai Watch Medal Wars” “Movie Yokai Watch” Commemoration! Twitter campaign held!

Net marble x Level Five gives new app titles “Yokai Watch Medal Wars” “Movie Yokai Watch” release commemoration! We hold a Twitter campaign where you can receive cats and in-game characters and stuffed animals! ● You can get in-game characters and stuffed animals of “Cat Nomad” of great success in movies! “Movie Yokai Watch FOREVER FRIENDS” Open Memorial Twitter Campaign 2nd Held! ● Pre-registration campaign which gets luxury benefits such as costumes that can be Keta and Fumi! Netmarble Corp. and Level 5 (Head office: Chuo-ku, Fukuoka City, President / CEO: Akihiro Hino) are planning to release a “Yokai Watch” scheduled to be released with net marble and level five

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