classic Black Jack / Survey on “favorite medical manga ranking” which 1,152 doctors choose

~ More than half support classic Black Jack ~ Mental Health Technologies Co., Ltd. (Address: Minato-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Masanosuke Kurarayu, that solves “mental health” with IT solutions has been underway since July 2018 In October, we conducted a survey on “favorite medical manga ranking” for 1,152 doctors. In this survey, the majority of doctors, 55.2% (636 people) in total, chose “Black Jack” as my favorite medical comic book. This is overwhelmingly appealing to 9.0% (104 people) of “Second Dragon – Team Medical Dragon -“. Also, “Tezuka Odori Tree” (Tezuka Osamu / Shogakkan) “Kirita Hymn” (Tezuka Osamu / Shogakkan) also ranked in 20th place and the support of Tezuka […]

Tezuka Osamu’s troublesome works covering over 200 modified pages are first booked by the original composition at the time of the magazine serialization!

Shito-ken (Location: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Issuer: Yu Komori) who develops cooking and literature-related publishing business in the Impress Group made a book “Alabaster original version” (written by Osamu Tezuka) on December 15, 2018 We will release it. “Alabaster” is a work representative of “Black Tezuka” which was published 26 times in total from December 1970 to the following year in “Weekly Shonen Champion” magazine. However, in making books, although the main line of the story remains unchanged, changes have been seen everywhere, such as comment, dialogue, etc., from the setting of the hero, and the altered part extends to 200 pages indeed. In addition, as there are doors, color pages and […]