PlayStation (R) 4 “Puyo Puyo (TM) Tetris (R) Special Price” Downloaded at PlayStation (TM) Store

PlayStation (R) 4 “Puyo Puyo (TM) Tetris (R) Special Price” Started distribution on download version PlayStation (TM) Store SEGA Games Co., Ltd. has entered into PlayStation (TM) Store about PlayStation (R) 4 version “Puyo Puyo (TM) Tetris (R) Special Price” which is a collaboration title of popular action puzzle game “Puyo Puyo” and “Tetris” We started distribution of download version. PlayStation (R) Vita, PlayStation (R) 3, PlayStation (R) 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch & # x2122; Tetris (R) ; (Switch version is “Puyo Puyo & # x2122; Tetris (R) S”), and many customers have played. This time, we have decided to release the download version of the PS4 (R) version […]

The favorite game that the Japanese gamer of 2018 chooses is Marvel’s Spider-Man

Weekly Famitsu of the game magazine, in the merger number January 10 and 17, 2019 released on December 27 (Thursday), games industry officials in 2018 to pick out the game titled the most game titles “super popular games The result of the Grand Prize 2018 “was announced. “Super Fashion Gay Grand Prize 2018” is a game industry creators, game-loving celebrities, Famitsu editors selected 5th game title they hated this year and added points according to the ranking given, It is the ranking of the total points of each title. “Weekly Famitsu” In the merger number on January 10 and 17, 2019, in addition to announcing the top 30 titles of […]