Akiko Higashimura, author of “Tokyo Talareba Musume” is being released as a manga application “Palcy (Parsi)”!

love is? What is love? What is happiness? A big hit depicting the conflict of Arasa girls! “Tokyo Talareba girl” who was also made into a TV drama “Manga app readable in 2 minutes” “Palcy (Palsi)” which was fully opened in the summer of 2018. Akiko Higashimura works appeared at a stroke throughout the year-end and New Year holidays with “Opening the whole story” that you can read all the story free of charge! “Sunflower __ ~ Kenichi Legend” until January 2 next year, 1/3 to 1/9 is “I am crying to the Lord” and “Melopon! Two works of 1/3 ~ daily series “Kaizuki Hime Gaiden BARAKURA ~ Life with

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