The first ranking of 2018 years of cartoon complete volume dot com was decided [Kingdom]!

The first place in 2018 is a crown of “Kingdom”! Manga Total volume dot com 2018 annual sales set number ranking TOP 500 announced! TORICO Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, President: Takuro Ando) announced TOP 500 ranking of annual sales sets in 2018 for “Manga Complete Dot Com” operated by the company. 【Manga Complete Dot Com / 2018 Annual Sales Set Number Ranking TOP 500】 In 2018, I will announce sales ranking ranking of comic set sold within cartoon full volume dot com ranking 1st to 500th. ※ Paper comic only (excluding electronic comics) ※ Aggregation period: January 1st – 2018th December 7th Ranking special page   ▼ Manga

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