A completely new VR idol “Enogu” that continues to challenge “the world first” is decided to hold a virtual handshake meeting!

December 16 (Sun) / 23 (Sun) held at a special venue. VR idol “Enogu” Major debut Single release commemorative event We propose communication with a completely new idol. I am pleased to inform you that the VR Idol Unit “Enogu” belonging to Iwamoto Town Performance Company will hold the world’s first “virtual handshake party” to celebrate the release of the 1st single “Heart’s paint”. At the “virtual handshake meeting” held on Sunday, December 16 (Sunday) and 23 (Sunday), we will open the special workshop exhibition area together with the virtual handshake meeting on the day of the event. In “Enogu exhibition”, special photo booth, message board, new goods are displayed.

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