[GAME] “Devil May Cry 5” Free Update Available! The training mode of death “bloody palace” is finally open!

“Devil May Cry 5” Free Update Available Today! The long-awaited addition mode “bloody palace” can be played. Fight through layers of labyrinths! “Devil May Cry 5” released from CAPCOM on March 8. The long-awaited additional play mode “Bloody Palace” starts today from April 1! Free distribution of updates that will allow you to play Bloody Palace has started. Bloody Palace is a battle-specific mode. Nero, Dante, V, choose a player from the three main characters, go on fighting the many layers of labyrinth. It is also a perfect stage to gain a red orb for arm trials. In the main story, you can only challenge the boss in a specific […]

【CAPCOM】 “Devil May Cry 5” Release Eve Eve Event “SSS Devil Night” March 7th (Thursday) From 20: 00 live broadcasting!

“Devil May Cry 5” Release Eve Eve Event “SSS Devil Night” From 7th March (Thu) 20: 00 live! The guest guest is also decided! The stage of the night event “SSS Devil Night” commemorating the release of “Devil May Cry 5” 【Capcom TV! ] On March 7 th (Thu) live broadcast from 20 o’clock! From the development team, we also decided the introduction of the latest game information, actual machine play, as a special guest “HYDE” and the voice actor Dante role “Morikawa Tomoyuki” and Nero role “Ishikawa Toshinin” will be on stage! In addition, “Ruben Langdan” who is responsible for Dante’s English voice actor and motion actor will also […]