New Year’s VR singing game event “Count 0” carries out support schedule at the ion cinema! We will sell limited collaborative goods at the venue.  

Oda Nobuhime decides to participate as a fourth bullet of luxury performers! Talk event with Tenjinko Hinano also held on December 24 Kayak Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Kamakura City, Kanagawa Prefecture, CEO: Daisuke Yanagisawa, TSE Mothers: 3904, hereinafter “Kayak”) will be held on December 31, 2018 by Mr. VTuber (Virtual YouTube) We will support screening and limited goods sales at the AEON CINEMA 14 theater of the year-end VR singing game event “Count 0 (count zero)”. In addition, Oda Shinki participation was decided as the fourth bullet of luxury performers. On December 24, we will hold a talk event of Tenjinko Hinano. “Count 0” Official website: “Count 0” is a

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