“I want to eat a little at a time” Christmas cake that adult girls’ dreams come true appeared!

Limited sale from 12/23 (Sunday) to 12/25 (Tue)! Reservations are accepted up to 12/18 (Tue) even on the phone · the Internet! The confectionary brand “Kyoto Priority Factory KINEEL” developed by Kuzuki Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Kyoto City, President and CEO: Hidetaka Nakanishi) will be closed during Christmas period from 12/23 (Sunday) We will sell princess cake! From the Kyoto Prika Kobo KINEEL, Christmas-only cakes will be on display! In recent years, I want to spend Christmas slowly at home, there seems to be a lot of voices that one wants to enjoy Christmas. “I want to eat lots of things at a time!” “I want to make a fashionable and

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