【CAPCOM】 “Devil May Cry 5” Release Eve Eve Event “SSS Devil Night” March 7th (Thursday) From 20: 00 live broadcasting!

“Devil May Cry 5” Release Eve Eve Event “SSS Devil Night” From 7th March (Thu) 20: 00 live! The guest guest is also decided! The stage of the night event “SSS Devil Night” commemorating the release of “Devil May Cry 5” 【Capcom TV! ] On March 7 th (Thu) live broadcast from 20 o’clock! From the development team, we also decided the introduction of the latest game information, actual machine play, as a special guest “HYDE” and the voice actor Dante role “Morikawa Tomoyuki” and Nero role “Ishikawa Toshinin” will be on stage! In addition, “Ruben Langdan” who is responsible for Dante’s English voice actor and motion actor will also […]

Capcom’s music that keeps on sending popular game contents gathers! Playing on STAGEA Electone (5th grade) Vol.56 Capcom · Game Music · Selection released on January 21, 2019

“Monster Hunter”, including “Makai village” “Great reversal trial”, “Sengoku BASARA”, “Okami” And “Rockman” celebrating its 30th anniversary, To the popular game music representing Capcom Inc. A collection of compilation score with spot. From the nostalgic pico pico sound of the Famicom period Until a powerful orchestra music, variegated The world view of the game with Electone sound You can fully enjoy it. 【Listed songs】 [1] Makai village (flat ground BGM 1 · 2 stage) ※ Orchestral style Electone Arrange [2] Rockman 2 Dr. Wiley’s Mystery (STAGE SELECT ~ GAME START ~ METALMAN STAGE ~ WOODMAN STAGE) [3] Large reversal trial (prelude to pursuit – pursuit – in the event of […]

New sense VR / AR attraction “Obake hunter” introduced for the first time in East Japan! Renewal open on Saturday, December 22!

“Plaza Capcom Futatsu Store” (Aeon Mall Futtsuchi 2F) Capcom Co., Ltd. opened and renovated the amusement facility “Plaza Capcom” operated for 25 years since its opening at AEON Mall Futtsu, and renewed it on Saturday, December 22. With this renewal, you can enjoy using VR (virtual reality) and AR (augmented reality) and parent and child A new sensory experience type attraction “Okeke Hunter” is first introduced in East Japan. In addition, Chiba prefecture first introduced Children’s Playground “Time Play Promotion Playground” that fosters the rich sensibilities of children. It will be reborn as the largest amusement facility in the Boso Peninsula, scaled more than 1.5 times. ■ New feeling enjoyable […]