TV anime “BAKUMATSU” second period, 2019 broadcast decision! First ban on “Ikazuma 5 big news” of “BAKUMATSU”!

Official blog & LINE @ opening, Blu-ray jacket release, presenting announcement such as holding of handed-down meeting by cast voice actor Flu Inc. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, President: Takashi Mishima, hereinafter Flu) has decided to broadcast the second period in 2019 for TV animation “BAKUMATSU”. In addition, we will inform you as we have banned “Ikizama 5 big news” about this work. TV animation “BAKUMATSU” second period broadcast decision TV animation “BAKUMATSU” second period broadcast decision “BAKUMATSU” is a TV anime based on the popular romance game Flu’s popular romance game “Renai Bakumatsu Kareesi – Flower Blossoming Love Beyond Time” (below, love the end of curtain). On stage “Another Bakumatsu (Bakumatsu)”,

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