New game content for “Gundam Fan Club”! “Dusky Gundam Tanto sumo” service started!

BANDAI NAMCO LITES Marketing Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of BANDAI NAMCO BANDAI Holdings Inc. (Head office: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President: Masaaki Taguchi) (Address: Fumiya Takeno, President and CEO, Tokyo; President: Tokyo Bandai Namco Rights Marketing) The Gundam Fun Club (GUNDAM FAN CLUB), a flat-rate service run by the company, launched the service of the “Dusky Gundam Tonshin Sumo” game content that can be played for free newly. ■ What is ‘Damn GUNDAM Ton Tabi Sumo’? It is an entertainment sumo game where you rearrange the parts of SD Gundam that are divided into five, “head” “torso” “right arm” “left arm” “leg”, to create a unique wrestler with your only unique wrestler. […]

“Summoners War: Sky Arena”, bless all summons! A new item “Summoning blessing” that can be selected and summoned appears for a limited time!

further! We can get Christmas events and legendary summons for luxury items getting “Summoner, Become a legend!” In progress! GAMEVIL COM2US Japan (Tokyo Metropolitan Shinjuku Ward, President and Representative Director: Kim Jin-young) who services and manages mobile games for smartphones is a genuine 90 million DL worldwide being distributed on iOS / Android We will inform you of the addition of a new item “Summoning blessing” and a Christmas event on December 17 (Monday) at RPG “Summer’s War: Sky Arena”. First of all download the game! ▼ App Store ▼ Google Play ■ Bless all the summons! A new item “Summoning blessing” that can be selected and summoned […]

Collaboration of “NO MORE movie thief” and “white cat tennis” is decided! ‘Camera men’ and ‘Patrump men’ participate in ‘White cat tennis’!

Colopla Co., Ltd. (President and CEO: Isao Baba, head office: Shibuya Ward, Tokyo, hereinafter “Colopla”) will collaborate with a full-battle tennis game for “smartphones” “White Cat Tennis” and “NO MORE Movie Thief” We will hold from December 17, 2018 (Monday). “NO MORE movie thief” is a campaign CM that the executive committee is screening before the screening of various movies at theaters nationwide. In this collaboration, ‘NO MORE movie thief’ campaign character ‘Camera Men’ and ‘Patrampu Man’ will appear in ‘White Cat Tennis’ as Playable Characters. “Camera guy” can be obtained by a simple mission clear of the target event. “Patamurapu man” can surely obtain by turning “10 + 1 […]