An event shop for the “Aikatsu!” Series opens in Ikebukuro on Thursday, April 4! “Aikatsu! Official shop] New development “Ai Kats Friends!-Kagayaki no Jewel-” Shop limited goods etc. appeared

Bandai Namco Amusement Co., Ltd. is an event shop “Aikatsu! Official shop” of “Aikatsu!” Series that carries out a number of media mixes such as data card dass and TV animations It will be opened on the 1st floor of Ikebukuro Sunshine City Alta from April 4th, 2019 (Thursday) in line with the launch of the new “Juel ~”. In this shop, you can enjoy the lottery drawing “Glitter Garapon” where you can get the sale of the original goods designed with illustrations drawn by “Aikatsu Friends! Data Card Das Aikatsu Friends! ~ With “Kagayaki no Jewel ~” * 1 You will receive “My Character Parts” that you can customize

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