ACOS releases slime T-shirt when “Slime was incarnated”

From Akos Corporation, a group company of Animate Co., Ltd., “Slime was incompatible” slime T-shirt was released. It will be released from 10 brands nationwide and from the brand ACOS, which you can enjoy cosplay freely. Scheduled to be released at ACOS · animate stores throughout the country. 【Product name】 · Slime T-shirt (all 2 types) I boldly printed illustrations of Limul with crown. Body color is blue with image of slime and black which is easy to match. 【Size】 Unisex L (Length: about 72 cm / width of a garment: about 55 cm / shoulder width: about 50 cm) [Material] 100% cotton 【Price】 2,500 yen + tax each ■

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