Parco original messenger bag which the popular anime “Girls & Panzer final chapter” and “Manhattan Portage” collaborated, also starts handling at premium Bandai!

In addition, West living and West residents are using collaboration bags together, release drawing illustrations released!
Parco Corporation (headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, hereafter PARCO), the Parco Original Messenger Bag, collaborated between the “Girls & Panzer final chapter” and the popular bag brand “Manhattan Portage (Manhattan Portage) In addition to the Parco special website that develops goods, we also started handling premium Bandai for a limited time.

■■ Special Website ■■

■■ Premium Bandai ■■

Furthermore, the drawn illustrations (left), which are using the collaboration bags by the character of “Girls & Panzer” West West living and West West living, are on sale on the above-mentioned sale WEB site.

In the illustrations drawn and drawn, the state of West living and West residence “departing for shopping by two people on a holiday” is drawn, it is an illustration that makes it easy for two of us to understand each other.

▼ Drawing Illustration

Original: King’s Country Finish: Sachiko Harada Special Effect: Yuichi Furuichi
Art: Iida Wada (Studio Acanthus)
Supervision: Isao Sugimoto
Planning Co., Ltd. Bandai (C) GIRLS und PANZER Finale Projekt

■ Product information

“Girls & Panzer final chapter” x “Manhattan Portage” collaboration messenger bag

· Price: 18,000 yen (excluding tax)
· Size: width 42 × length 25 × gusset 17 cm
· Material: Cordura (R) Nylon (1,000 denier)
· Producing countries: Taiwan

※ Because production quantity is limited, it ends as soon as it disappears.
※ The image is a sample item, it may differ from the actual image.

~ Product overview ~

Updated 1606 VJR type royal road messenger capable of storing A4 size, special specification unique to collaboration. You can apply a webbing tape and a surface fastener to the flap, as well as a carabiner and a patch, as well as attaching your own can badge and acrylic key holder, it is designed so that you can custom (arrange) only.
As features of this collaboration model, there are three detachable patches. The first one is “Panzer vor (Panzer for Fawn)” familiar with “Girls & Panzer” The second is “Mark of the Japan Tankan Federation” The third is “GuP (short name of Girls & Panzer)” designed. It expresses this patch cute and simple with this embroidery, and has become a design that can also make regular exercises such as commuters and school attendance.

About “Manhattan Portage (Manhattan Portage)”

Manhattan Portage was born in 1983, a messenger culture in NY. Based on the concept of “New York Tough”, it continues to produce functional bags tailored to the age yet authentic but now it has grown to be a brand loved by various people from around the world.

About “Girls & Panzer final chapter”

A big hit animation set in Oarai-machi! A heartful full-talk story depicting the process of high school girls getting to the “tank path” with their friends! The first episode of “Girls & Panzer final chapter” to be a new work is on sale!

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