Busan and Yamato Transport begin hand-held tourism services for foreign visitors to Japan  

Busan and Yamato Transport begin hand-held tourism services for foreign visitors to Japan
~ Kinosaki (Kinosaki) Baggage transport between Onsen and Osaka, the first “Kansai region” “tourism support type” mixed customer “was implemented. No need to handwritten invoice, realize smooth and comfortable hand toweling tourism ~
Yamato Transport Co., Ltd. (Representative Director: Hiroshi Nagao, hereinafter “Yamato Transport”), which is affiliated with Yamato Holdings Co., Ltd. and Yoshimoto Holdings Co., Ltd. (President and CEO: Tetsuro Kiriyama; From the day, in the Kansai area for the first time, a new hand-held tourism service utilizing “high-speed bus” “tourism support type” customer currency
1. Background
All-bus bus and Yamato Transport started “customer currency mix” which transports the takkyubin (home delivery service) by line bus in the Kanba area of ​​Toyooka City, Hyogo Prefecture since June 2017. In order to improve the living services of local residents by maintaining the bus route network and improving the efficiency of logistics, which had become a problem in middle and mountainous areas where depopulation and aging are particularly noticeable, the two companies are working together while working together We are.
On the other hand, in Toyooka City there is Kinosaki Hot Spring, which is known as one of the most hot spring resorts in the Kansai region, and in recent years many visitors to Japan have visited and are showing ample emphasis. Traditionally, many travelers often move with luggage, there is a problem that they can not enjoy sightseeing sufficiently because they are difficult to move, resulting in a shortened staying time around the Kinosaki Onsen area .
Both companies deepened collaboration in terms of tourism support and started delivering baggage on the same day from Kinosaki Onsen to hotels in Osaka by means of a high-speed bus, which is a tour of travelers traveling around the Kansai region We realize smooth tourism.

2. Overview
(1) Flow of usage
1. Before the trip
Travelers’ customers can use the hand-held tourist service (hands-free travel service) at the website of the Kinosaki Hot Spring Tourist Information “SOZORO” which is operated by the all-bus bus in advance or “Visit Kinosaki” for the inbound reservation site I will apply. Two-dimensional code will be issued for customers.
■ Kinosaki Hot Spring Tourist Information “SOZORO” http://kinosaki-info.com/
■ Inbound reserved hotel reservation site “Visit Kinosaki” https://visitkinosaki.com/

  2. After checking out the inn at Kinosaki Onsen
When the customer brings the baggage to the counter of “SOZORO” and holds the two-dimensional code issued beforehand at the counter, the invoice of Takkyubin will be issued. Customers can enjoy sightseeing in handy hands without having to handwritten invoices.

3. Receive baggage at the hotel in Osaka city
Customers can receive the baggage deposited at Kinosaki Onsen at the hotel (*) in Osaka which is the accommodation destination at check-in. (※ Osaka city Kita-ku and Fukushima-ku only)

(2) Flow of transport
The baggage deposited at “SOZORO” counter will be transported from “Kinosaki Onsen” to Yamato Transport Osaka Odazu Branch located in Osaka City by “high speed bus” with “customer currency”. We sort it by destination at Osaka Odazu branch and deliver it to each hotel.

(3) Fee
¥ 2,030
※ The amount is only shipping fee. Separately, it costs the fare for getting on the bus.

3. Benefits for travelers’ customers
You can enjoy sightseeing easily without having to move with heavy luggage as before. In addition, since it is possible to apply from the web in advance, it is unnecessary to fill out invoices which become a bottleneck especially for foreign customers, and you will be able to use Takkyubin smoothly.

When leaving your baggage, you can issue invoice by just holding the two-dimensional code at “SOZORO” counter.

You can receive your baggage at the hotel in Osaka during the day.

4. About the future
All-bus and Yamato Transport will further strengthen cooperation so that many customers including inbounds which will increase more convenient and comfortable sightseeing will be enjoyed in the future, not only the Kinosaki Onsen – Osaka section, but also other We will also consider expanding hand-held tourism services using the “mixed customer” in the area.

5. State of departure ceremony
From 11th of December 18th (Tuesday), we had a departure ceremony at the Kinosaki Hot Spring Tourist Information “SOZORO”.

State of departure ceremony

From the left
Yamato Transport Co., Ltd. Himeji super administrative branch manager Hiroshi Hori
Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport Kobe Transportation Supervision Department General Affairs Planning Department Planning Division Logistic Officer Mr. Masato Yagi
Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport Kobe Transportation Supervision Department Hyogo Land Transport Division Chief Transportation Planning Specialist Mr. Sumi Iwano
Hyogo prefecture Tajima prefectural prefectural prefectural bureau deputy director Mr. Ito Yutaka
Toyooka city council chairperson Mr. Kuniharu Seki
Kinosaki Onsen Tourist Association Chairman Mr. Hara Hara
Tadashi Tadashiro Kiriyama President and Representative Director, Bus Corporation

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