Starbucks announces that it will abolish cage breeding eggs at directly managed stores around the world by 2020  

International Federation of Animal Protection, Outcome of the Open Wing Alliance (OWA) Flat egg movement

As a result of the campaign by the Open Wing Alliance (OWA), the only animal rights center from Japan, the world’s largest coffee shop chain, Starbucks, the world’s second-largest restaurant chain, Announced that it will procure 100% cage free eggs (eggs produced without confining chickens in the cages such as flat breeding eggs, grazing eggs) and confining chickens in the cage by 2020.

(Starbucks English Press Release:

In the campaign that began in April 2018, from Japan animal protection centers have joined as members of the International League OWA of the movement to release chickens from the cage, with more than 55 animal protection groups worldwide. Also, The Human League Japan supported domestically.

This Starbucks decision will be the first cage-free policy at the worldwide bases for the first time as a major restaurant chain that is developing globally. This policy will be applied to about 20,000 stores in the US, Europe, Japan and China. According to Starbucks headquarters in the United States, this policy is also applied to Starbucks Coffee Japan Ltd. (( in Japan, which is a wholly owned subsidiary It applies.

In addition, as a Japanese company for the first time, he decided to abolish eggs to keep cages by ‘2020’. Until now, large global companies such as Unilever, Nestlé, InterContinental Hotels Group, Compass Group and others are said to abolish cruel husbandry cage breeding in supply chains around the world including Japan, but abolished by 2025 We are going to do, and switching over for the rest for a little over a year will be the tailwind for flat-breed egg production.

The Starbucks cage-free policy is adapted to both eggs with shells and liquid eggs used for raw materials, so that cage-free eggs are used for all menus such as baked goods, sandwiches, rap, quiche, pudding Become. However, the shops of the license agreement are not included in this production, and the timing is unknown in the future, but Starbucks cooperates with the shop which got the license to operate, in order to further advance the market transformation, the cage We will expand our free efforts and will work to procure 100% cage free eggs at all Starbucks stores around the world. In addition, Starbucks plans to release its progress.

The campaign for cage free against Starbucks was the first global campaign in which a large number of powerful animal conservation groups worked together on a single restaurant chain from around the world. More than 100 people gathered in protest demonstrations against Starbucks during the global summit of the Open Wing Alliance held in Prague, Czech Republic in April 2018, the only animal rights center from Japan participated. With this, it has evolved into this global campaign.

In the campaign, signature and SNS actions were also used. The signature was translated into multiple languages ​​by the member organizations of the Open Wing Alliance, and many signatures gathered from all over the world (188,000 brushes gathered in less than two weeks). Actions in SNS can be searched with hashtag #StarbucksCruelty.

OWA director Alexandria Beck praised the fact that Starbucks took the position to abolish the cruel raising hen cage breeding from its global supply chain as a worldwide restaurant chain and made a precedent to the world Starbucks is the first multinational company in the restaurant industry to announce cage-free policy adapted to all countries Starbucks’ decision this time is that cage rearing is one of the past I am thinking that I will convey a strong message that it will become “,” I am thinking.

Chihiro Okada, Chairman of the Animal Rights Center stated, “As a domestic company, the goal of 2020 is a challenge and has a great significance, because it is the world’s leading company, this decision is made possible and this decision We welcome and we would like to further encourage consumer awareness and conversion of producers towards realization.We also hope that the number of companies following Starbucks’s decision will increase. ” I will.

More than 200 companies worldwide have decided cage free, including McDonald’s in the US / Canada, Subway in Europe / Australia / USA, American Denny’s, American Walt Disney Company. We are announcing that major companies from various industries will fully transition to cage free eggs in cooperation with the Open Wing Alliance. Global large companies such as Unilever, Nestlé, Intercontinental Hotels Group, Compass Group and others are said to abolish cruel bird hedge cage breeding in supply chains throughout the world including Japan.

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On breeding cage of egg-laying hens

It is getting criticized worldwide to confine and keep egg producing chickens narrowly in unsanitary cages. Chickens in the cage can not take chicken-like natural behavior, physically and mentally suffering because the welfare of chickens is not protected.
92% of the poultry farm in Japan produces eggs in a particularly narrow cage among cages called bata leakage cage. In the buttery cage, only about 20 cm × 20 cm in size is given per chicken. Battery leakage is forbidden from its cruelty in the EU and several other countries / provinces. In addition to buttercage, it is now the international trend to abolish the cage breeding itself, and cage breeding is prohibited or prohibited in Switzerland, the Netherlands, Austria, Germany, and elsewhere. Many companies worldwide have announced that they will cease the use of cage eggs, and even companies in Japan such as Nestle and the Western Foods Compass Group have cage-free policies.

About the Open Wing Alliance (OWA)

The Open Wing Alliance is a worldwide federation established to cooperate with animal conservation groups towards the eradication of cage breeding of egg-laying hens throughout the world. More than 50 animal conservation groups from Africa, Asia, Europe, North America, Oceania, South America are participating as members. The Open Wing Alliance was founded in 2016 by the Animal Protection Organization called The Human League and in February 2017 held the global summit to abolish cage breeding of the world’s first egg-laying hen, and the largest worldwide I started a cage free campaign.
Open Wing Alliance OWA ((

About certified NPO corporation animal rights center

The Animal Rights Center examined the current situation of animals in Japan and clarified it, aroused people’s interest in animal rights and problems related to animal well fair, and aimed to build a volunteer network to address these issues It is a certified NPO corporation. In order to improve the welfare (animal well fair) of domestic livestock animals, there are campaigns that you do not want to eat egg egg cake, cage free campaign, swine pregnancy stall free campaign, proposal to other companies, We continue to raise awareness to consumers, petition to Diet members.
Animal Rights Center Official website:
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