A full-fledged aerial athletic that can be enjoyed indoors first appeared in the Tokai district! “Namco land Heroes camp Nagoya store” December 21 newly opened! Next Generation Family Entertainment Center of BANDAI NAMCO

“Namco land Heroes camp Nagoya store” operated by NAMCO BANDAI NAMCO CORPORATION amusement (head office: Minato-ku, Tokyo / President: Hitoshi Hagiwara) (in Aichi Prefecture’s Nishi-Saitou area “Airport Walk Nagoya”) is the next- Newly opened as Family Entertainment Center on Friday, 21 December 2018.

Inside the store, we are introducing full-scale aerial rope athletics covering about 110 meters in length in the interior of the Tokai district for the first time, including the character theme spot of the Ultraman series, the VR activity experience area of ​​Bandai Namco, a fulfilling amusement It is reborn into an entertainment center where you can enjoy a variety of rich content such as amusement parks, including areas, food drinks that can enjoy light food and drink.
Namco Land Heroes Camp Nagoya store renewal point
(* 1) As of December 2018 / Surveyed by NAMCO BANDAI AMUSEMENT
1. Full-scale rope athletic chest is tried!? A large rope athletic equipped with a zip slider appears in the Tokai district indoors for the first time!
First introduced in the Tokai district “Sky Trail (R) Discovery” made by ROPES COURSES Inc. of about 110 meters in total length (* 1). You can experience athletics with scales that you can not imagine indoors, such as a zip slider that slides down about 18 meters just with a safety rope.
2. Character Theme Spot large net playground equipment with a height of 6 m appears! “Ultra athletic” that you can see Ultra Hero every week
Variety including a large net playground with a height of 6 m making use of indoor height unique to former airport concourse, shooting bazooka aiming at monsters, popular fluffy play equipment, sandball and home-made corner using battery car and Ultraman’s Soft Vinyl figure We will prepare the contents. Ultra Hero appears in Ultra Athletic every Saturday, Sunday and holiday!
3. Latest VR experience, disturb it. VR ZONE Portal, a dynamic VR activity experience area deployed by NAMCO BANDAI
Introduced a compact version of “VR ZONE” (Tokyo / Osaka) where you can experience the joy and surprise you could not do with Bandai Namco’s VR technology.
4. From amusement to hood! Amusement area is enriched. Assortment that family and group can enjoy together
Starting with about 150 crane games, we have many different game machines that can satisfy young and old girls such as arcade games, vehicles and medal games. There is also a food wagon offering cotton candy and popcorn.
* “Sky Trail (R) Discovery” is a trademark of ROPES COURSES, USA.


We are updating our existing directly operated large amusement facility located in a metropolitan area to entertainment facilities that accumulate unique play contents of Bandai Namco and deliver new experiences, and “Namco Land Heroes Camp Nagoya Store “Newly opened opens are part of that.

Namco land Heroes camp Nagoya store zoning

1. Rope Athletic
※ ROPES COURSES products are Tokai district first (as of December 2018 / NAMCO BANDAI Survey of Amusement)
A rope athletic area of ​​Harahadadokidoki. First introduced indoors into Tokai district “Sky Trail (R) Discovery” manufactured by ROPES COURSES Inc. “Sky Trail (R) Discovery” can experience 12 types of activities with different degrees of difficulty, advance on a rope wrapped around a high place of about 3.5 m in height and 111.63 m in total length, wearing a safety belt, We aim to clear.
Also, at the end of the course, you can wait for a zip line to slide down about a distance of 18 meters at a stretch, and you can enjoy the thrill of a high place to the utmost.
For this athletic, we have introduced a safety system called “over tracking system”, and since the body of the player and the rail placed above the player’s head are connected by a safety rope, it is possible to use a high-tightrope like a zip line You can challenge thrilling sections safely and fun. In addition, “overhead tracking system” does not need to change rope at high altitude, so you can experience it more easily and safely than the previous rope athletics. 【Applicable targets】 Height of 110 cm or more and weighing 20 kg to 120 kg. Children below elementary school need to accompany parents (high school students not allowed) without fail.

▲ Activity image ※ “Sky Trail (R) Discovery” is a trademark of ROPES COURSES, USA.

2. Ultra athletic
“Ultraman CLUB Nagoya store” which opened 10 years as the big Ultraman theme spot in the Tokai area is renewed as “Ultra Athletic Nagoya Store”.
The eyeball is a large net athletic with a height of 6 m, and it can approach the giant Ultra hero in the store even closer to a position closer than ever.
In addition, shooting bazooka that aims at monsters, various fluent contents such as sandbags and a corner of the house using Ultraman’s Soft Vinyl figures, including fluffy play equipment and sliders popular among children, battery cars, etc. are prepared.
【Targeted items】 Children under elementary school children and accompanying parents of parents 18 years of age or older
[Only here in the Tokai area! 】 Athletic inside stage power up greatly, Ultra hero appears every Saturday, Sunday and holiday, and more customers can participate in the event.
※ Ultra hero appearance day please refer to the official website

▲ Facility image Perth

3. VR ZONE Portal
VR ZONE Portal (VR Zone Portal), a VR activity experience area that combines state-of-the-art VR technology with its own experience machine, creating a sense of immersion and reality that distinguishes past attractions and VR experiences.
[Application target] Restrictions on usage are different depending on VR activity.
For details, “VR ZONE Portal” site
Please confirm.

Topical VR activity “extreme degree chest trial high altitude fear SHOW”
Muri! Muri! Muri! I can not take the first step I’m retiring in the middle! Try extreme chest at 200 meters above ground!
I will bring you to the height of 200 m above the ground. If you step on foot from the board, it will be an end of the exam immediately. Please be careful.

4. Amusement area
Approximately 150 crane games with various kinds of prizes, arcade games and music games that everyone can enjoy wiwai, card game machines of popular characters many parents are playing, popular seal printing machine for couples and female high school girls It is an amusement area boasting the largest selection of products in the region.
In some vehicles and game machines, there is also a corner where tickets are paid out according to the playing fee. Tickets collected can be exchanged for sweets etc.

Overall facility overview
[Store name] Namco Land Heroes Camp Nagoya store
[Location] Aichi Prefecture Toyama Town Toyama Town Toyofaba 1-8 Airport Walk Nagoya 3rd Floor
[Facility area] Approximately 2,472 square meters (747.9 tsubo)
[Opening Hours] 10: 00 ~ 22: 00 ※ Ultra athletic is from 10: 00 ~ 19: 00 (last entry is until 18: 30)
[Telephone number] 0568-39-0765 ※ Ultra athletic is 0568-39-0551
[Official website] https://bandainamco-am.co.jp/game_center/loc/nagoya-airportwalk/

(C) Tsuburaya Pro
(C) BANDAI NAMCO Amusement Inc.

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* When using this facility, special staff will support the use of activities to ensure that customers enjoy it safely.

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