2018 Japan’s ‘happiness degree’ ranked first place Okinawa

How to spend year-end and new year, men teenagers – 40s “fun laugh” school? 2018 Nationwide “happiness degree” ranked 1st in Okinawa, 2nd place Mie, 3rd place Yamanashi LINE research, “How to spend year-end and new year” “Happiness degree in 2018” survey
We conducted a questionnaire survey for LINE users exceeding 420,000 users
LINE CORPORATION operates a research platform “LINE Research” dedicated to smart phones based on the largest active investigation panel in the country of 4.45 million owned by the company. We have conducted a survey on “Happiness” of ourselves by looking back on the year, “Learning how to spend year-end and new year” for all generations at LINE research this time, so we will introduce the results.
※ The results of the survey can also be viewed on the LINE Research Official Blog: http://research-platform.line.me/archives/30012990.html
◆ Summary of the survey ◆
· 49% of staple events of year-end and New Year holidays, “Eat Toshikoshi soba”.
· “Kohaku” VS “Do not laugh”, men 10s – 40s “funny” school.
· New Year’s visit to the sex age is not big difference, 44% of the teenage girls are drawing Oomikuji.
· In 2018, the “happiness degree” ranking by prefecture was ranked 1st in Okinawa Prefecture, 2nd in Mie prefecture, 3rd in Yamanashi Prefecture.

■ The most common year-end and new year event, “eat soyaboshi soba” is the largest 49%
A survey of this year’s “How to spend the year-end and new year” for men and women aged 10 years or older showed 49% that “eat soba soba” was the most frequent result. Following that, traditional customs continue, such as “going to a Hatsumode” 46%, “eating noodle” 44%. In addition, although it is said that people sending New Year’s cards by postcard are decreasing trends, 35% answered “Sending New Year’s greetings with postcards”.

■ “Kohaku” VS “Do not laugh”, men 10th to 40s “funny” faction
Although I also ranked in the schedule for New Year’s holidays, “Watch Kohaku Utagen fight” “Watch a series that’s downtown smiley”, but both programs that often rise in name as New Year’s Eve TV program, I investigated.

 In men teenagers to 40s, there are many planned viewers of downtown ‘s “no smile” series, and it seems that they can say that they are “smiling faction”. In the ladies’ teenagers – 40s, there were no big differences although the viewers of “Kohaku Utagen Battle” are somewhat stronger. Beginning in their 50s, both men and women had more “red and white singing factions”. Also, recently it is said that there are many young people who do not watch TV programs, but also in their teens and 20s they also found that they plan to watch popular programs on New Year’s Eve.

■ New Year’s visit is a sex era with no big difference, 44% of teenage girls are drawing Oomikuji
Next, it is a trend survey on New Year’s classic, “Hatsumode” and “Omikukuji”.

Because Hatsumodei has special meaning as an event praying for the New Year’s safe and peaceful, there was no big difference in gender age. Even in young people who often get away from old habits, only Hatsumode may be on special occasions as a special practice.
On the other hand, the share of Omikuji is higher for women, especially for women in their teens, with 44% being the most frequent result. As I looked at each age, the proportion of male and female who took out Omikuji tended to be higher in younger people.

■ In 2018, the “degree of happiness” by prefecture ranked 1st in Okinawa, 2nd in Mie, 3rd in Yamanashi Prefecture

I got my own “happiness degree” in 2018 self-graded from 0 point to 100 points full score, and in every age group, less than teenagers ranked first with 66.2 points, followed by twenties in second place. There are also many new society people and newlyweds in their teens and twenties who are in the middle of youth, and happiness may be high from the desire for the future. Third place is over 60’s, children’s independence and work has fallen down, so it may be that they are able to have leisure time and happiness degree is high. On the other hand, in the 40s and 50s, the results were lower than those of other generations. Is social responsibility heavy, is there a lot of troubles affected?

The reasons for self-scoring for those who had a high degree of happiness for each generation are as follows.
· (10s / male) Because I became a college student and there were plenty of things that I am happy that new encounters and lovers can be made.
· (20s / female) I went to overseas volunteers.
· (60s / female) That a child got married and a healthy grandchild was born.

Subsequently, we also conducted a survey on the degree of happiness by prefecture.

It was 66.3 in 1st place and became Okinawa Prefecture. The tropical people living under the maritime climate with the blue ocean have the highest happiness degree in the whole country. Then it became Mie prefecture in second place and Yamanashi prefecture in third place. Following Okinawa, the region with a rich natural environment was the top result.

In LINE research, we will continue to conduct various surveys on a regular basis based on the largest active research panel in Japan.

——————————————————————– ————————
【About the survey】
Smart surfing web survey targeting LINE users
Survey target: Men and women aged 10 years and over throughout Japan
Implementation timing: 22 – 30 November 2018
Effective collection number: 422,402 samples
Weight back according to gender gender age composition ratio
——————————————————————– ————————
※ Graph · Numbers are rounded off to the first decimal place and expressed in an integer notation (coloring of several tables is based on numbers before rounding off)

■ About LINE research
“LINE Research” is the research platform dedicated to smartphones based on the largest active investigation panel in Japan, with the aim of maximizing business development and marketing activities in companies, 4.45 million people owned by LINE. Of active monitors, 10 to 29 year olds occupy about 2 million people, and surveys with low occurrence rates for students and young people can also be carried out. Also, unlike traditional survey panels, we can also contact thinner layers of research interest, so we can gather more general opinions. Since it is delivered by LINE’s push notification, users can easily answer in real time, collecting thousands of samples in 2 to 3 minutes, and realizing a high recovery rate. Since the answer screen is also optimized for smartphones, the exit rate is low, and it is possible to carry out investigation effectively on the smartphone.

“LINE Research” Official website: https://line-research.line.me/

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