President of Indonesia talks about “mobile legend” of e-sports  

President of Indonesia talks about “mobile legend” of e-sports
Successful young at “Mobile Legend” certified as an official e-sports event
President of Indonesia said that there is a chance in e-sports including mobile legends.

■ What is Mobile Legend
Popularity of worldwide over 300 million downloads World’s No. 1 5: 5 Great Brawl Smaho game.
It is also certified as the official title of Southeast Asia e-spoerts.
We are focusing on localizing to Japan, and popular voice actors will also be casting.

■ President Jokovy in Indonesia learned of “Mobile Legend” from his son Caesan

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – President Djoko · Widod (common name: Mr. Jokowy) is his son
Kaesan Pangarep knows the existence of e-sports through “Mobile Legend” and gets information regularly.

Mr. Jokowy said: “At first I did not know e-sports or mobile legend at all, but now I know, I’m asking Caesan to tell me.”

According to Mr. Jokowy, technology is rapidly developing and people say they have to learn continuously to catch up. He also said that Mobile Legends could be a valuable income source for people. “Jess No Limit” who is a mobile legend player and e-sports player is one of the successful young people taking advantage of this opportunity.

Mr. Jokowy met with Mr. Jess and heard the income earned on mobile legend. Although I could not hear details, I certainly believe that Mr. Jess’s income has reached hundreds of millions of dollars.

Mr. Jokowi thinks that he wants young people to succeed by taking advantage of opportunities for technological development like Jess. He urged young people to be prepared for this challenge not progressing easily.

Mr. Jokowy said he trusted the potential of young people in Indonesia and said “chances are there.”

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