【DOLK】 20 world cat dolls “Art Picasso Bean DX ver.” Appeared!

【DOLK】 20 world cat dolls “Art Picasso Bean DX ver.” Appeared!
Special Christmas cat doll “Art Picasso Bean DX ver.” Coloring rosy skin, Poinsettia and Holly are beautifully drawn with special hand painting by popular artists.
Popular Art PICASSO series will join the “Best Pictaso bean DX ver.” Gorgeous cat doll that has the concept of holy Christmas as the concept.

Merry Christmas!
A gorgeous cat doll that gave way to the holy night appeared.

Boasting a tremendous popularity since the first release “Art Picasso” series.
Artists paint beautiful flowers and motifs of seasons on lovely cat dolls
As a special series, I also enjoyed popularity among cat lovers like dolls and dolls I did not know about dolls.

Product introduction
Cast dolls (spherical joint dolls), as its name suggests, contains spherical parts in the part corresponding to the joints of humans, allowing you to bend your arms and legs as you do to make a variety of poses . In addition, it is a doll product that you can customize freely by changing costume, hair (wig), eye color (eye) to those of your favorite color and shape.

A gorgeous costume set featuring glittering and ornaments.
Crimson food cape of Christmas color.
Under the Cape is a dress set tailored to be luxurious with frills, lace and gold threads.

Rounded cute tail is Art PICASSO series classic bijou ornament.
White roses and pearls, crystal shines glittery.

A gold butterfly dances in the eyes, limited eye of Christmas ver.
By making the iris a calm red of Bordeaux, it is a vivid eyes where the green shines.

The paint around Eye Lines and Muzzle gained popularity at Christmas Picassos of the 2017 ver.
With brown red color, you can enjoy glamorous finish while familiar with rose skin.

Make-up of gorgeous hand paint which bound the poinsettia with a ribbon.

Cute cats Holly leaves drawn on the ears and shining glitter
We carefully finish each of Crystal Bijou by hand.

It attracts rosy skin color more beautifully.


Christmas at the end of Heisei is pretty, gorgeous and gorgeous ever
Why do not you spend time with a cat doll.

20 rare cat dolls worldwide will be on sale on immediate delivery from 19 o’clock on Friday, December 14th.

【Product information】

◆ Product Name: Art PICASSO bean DX ver.
◆ Product composition: DOLL body (assembled), special makeup, resin eye (14mm), limited costume set, limited accessories, certificate, cushion, box
◆ WEB sales start: December 14, 2018 (Fri) 19: 00
◆ Actual store (Tokyo head office, Nagoya store) Start selling: December 22, 2018 (Saturday) 12: 00
◆ Sales price: 52, 300 yen (tax included)
◆ Material: Resin
◆ Size Length: 12 cm (excluding the height of ear parts)
◆ Sales site: http://dolk.jp
◆ Manufacturer: (C) DEAR MINE
◆ Distributor: Borderless Inc. / DOLK

◆ Special site: http://dolk.jp/pages/special1343.php


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