“Shadowverse” winning prize of 1 million US dollars! I decided to host the world convention for 2019 season.

“Shadowverse” Yoshimoto Libalent belongs to the world’s most prestigious athlete, making it the leading character with a winning prize of US $ 1 million! The 2019 season also decided to hold the world convention

A full-fledged smart card battle “Shadowverse (” Shadowverse “(hereinafter referred to as” Shadowverse “) will be developed and operated by Cygames Co., Ltd. (hereinafter Sigames, head office: Shibuya Ward, Tokyo; President and CEO: Koichi Watanabe) developing game business planning, “Shadowverse World Grand Prix 2018” deciding the world’s best in both worlds was held on Saturday, December 15 and 201 (Sun) on January 20, 2018, Yoshimoto Fiberent belonging to Libalent Brilliance, the curtain was closed for hot fight in each region of the 2018 season.

In addition, after the awards ceremony, Yoshito Kimura, executive director of “Cygames” and “Shadow Bath” produces the World Tournament “Shadowverse World Grand Prix 2019 (about 110 million yen) Tentative) “will be held.
This tournament is fierce for 24 days, with 24 players who have achieved excellent results in the world competitions in the 2018 season with the highest winning prize of US $ 1 million in the history of the domestic esports tournament We fought a fight.
Top 8 in Day 1 Swiss Draw 8 rounds on 15th, Riowh player, Nine Voice player, Potwasher player (Tempo Storm), Fetu player (Yoshimoto Libalent), Hishiro player, ZeNX player, Salt player, Casago player, tournament We have advanced to GRAND FINALS on 16th to be done in the system.

 In the semifinals, the winning team players made a fierce battle with Riowh players who passed the top on Day 1, won the final and the final against Potwasher became a tough battle that would not give away one step at a time I got a chance on it, and I won the championship.
In the victory interview, with tears in my eyes, “I want to tell members of Yoshimoto Libalent ((this pleasure) belonging to my team) There were times when my grades did not work, but I think that it is the result of practicing every day without giving up Today I also practiced only 1 or 2 hours sleep … I have a dream in Shadow Bath! It is a really fun game so I definitely want to have more people play it, “he expresses joy did.
For the follow-up to “Shadowverse World Grand Prix 2019 (Tentative)”, we will announce it in “Shadowverse Next 2019” which is coming soon.
■ Pattern of “Shadowverse World Grand Prix 2018”

■ What is “Shadow Bath”?
Digital TCG (trading card game) that can be played on smartphone, winning if you compile 40 decks with three kinds of cards “follower”, “spelling”, “amulet”, and the opponent leader character 0, is.
■ What is esports (e Sports)
It is an abbreviation for “electronic sports” and is a name used to capture digital games as sports competitions.
In “Delegation of” Basic knowledge of modern terminology “2018 You Yuan new word · buzz word grand prize” ranked in the top 10 and announced in December, attention is increasing year by year. Currently, esports tournaments are held vigorously around the world, the Asia-Olympic Council (OCA) adopted esports as an open competition at the Asian Games held in Jakarta in the summer of 2018, and from the 2022 convention I announced to make it an official competition.

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