Notice of the new release of Hot Dora Butter as a drowning “Chin” on the Range.

When I bought a dumpling, it was amazingly delicious! A well-established Japanese confection shop launches a new product that turns common sense.
Notice of the new release of Hot Dora Butter as a drowning “Chin” on the Range.
150 years since its foundation, launched a new product from the long-established Japanese sweet shop “Nakao Jyugetsudo”, dora yaki “Hot Dora Butter” dedicated to hot. When you warm up in the range and become a toro, a new texture of butter that soaks in the skin! The taste is butter, cream cheese, almond chocolate. Both the staff and the craftsman were surprised, please fully appreciate the completely new dorayaki.


“This may be tastier than freshly prepared …”
“At my house, when I am cold, I eat with a little bit at the range.” In a casual word of Mum’s staff, the Japanese sweets craftsmen tried their usual drowning experimentally, it was more delicious than I imagined As a result, “Development of a dolphin dedicated to hot” trying to develop it started.
Of course, just warming up is not a development. As a result of thinking and mistaking the idea of ​​making the possibilities of the product even more advanced, a completely new taste unique to hot was completed by combining with butter.
New product Hot Dora Butter, as its name suggests, is a dumpling with azuki beans and plus an original butter paste. By warming with the range, the red bean sauce is Trostro, the skin becomes moist and fluffy mouthfeel, the butter gets soaked in Juwatu.

In the summer of 2018, Nakao Seikatsudo, where innovative advertisements became a hot topic throughout the country, will also start a new challenge.

The taste begins with “Original” of “Azuki bean an + butter”, furthermore “Cream Cheese” with punchy effect, all three kinds of “Almond Chocolate” which is pleasing to eat. Following dozens of prototypes to complement each taste, exquisitely tuning the formulation of leather, butter, bean paste and ingredients. Please warm your heart and body with this dorayaki of hokka hoka this winter.


Product overview – Making Japanese confections that change common sense. Hot Dora Butter ~

Now on sale
Dorayaki Dorayaki “Hot Dora Butter” for Range only
Type: 3 species (original / cream cheese / almond chocolate) Refrigerated
Price: Original: 280 yen (tax included) / Cream cheese: 300 yen (tax included) / Almond chocolate: 300 yen (tax included)
Release date: Thursday, December 13
The staff and craftsmen who ate the dorayaki who worked at Nakao Kiyosato were also surprised!
Dorayaki “Qing moon” which is a signboard product of a long-established Japanese confectionery store of its foundation 150 years. The skin and azuki bean, add commitment butter, and “Hot Dora Butter” was born as warming exclusive use! By warming up in the range of only 30 seconds, the skin is fluffy, red azu is a toro! The butter gets soaked in it.

The taste of hot dolbutter is three kinds. During development, compared with eating more than 40 types of ingredients that are soaked in dumplings. Decided to use the best match-made ingredients selected! In addition, stick to the fragrance, texture and crispness, so that you can enjoy the three kinds of taste, finely adjusted the amount of butter and ingredients. It was dorayaki which is perfect for winter snack time. Please warm your heart and body with hot dora butter in a cold winter.

>> How to eat Hot Dora Butter

1. Before warming in a range breaking the bag,
Please break the bag a little.
1. Before breaking the bag in the range, please break the bag a little.
2. Please warm up for 30 to 40 seconds in the range
2. Please warm up for 30 to 40 seconds in the range
3. Skin fluffy,
Anan is a trot.
 Just afterwards butter impregnated and delicious! While you are hot,
Bon Appetite!
3. Skin is fluffy, Anna is Toro. Just afterwards butter impregnated and delicious! Hurry while you are hot!
There is a possibility that butter etc melts and drips when taking out, please be very careful.
Three kinds of taste!


Hot Dora Butter Original is a combination of Azuki bean and butter royal road!

Butter combines margarine to highlight the scent.
The fragrance of the moment when you get out of range appetizes.
Warming time: 600 W 25 – 35 sec / 500 W 30 – 40 sec


Cream cheese shortens the time to lentin!

Sour taste of cream cheese wrapped around red bean paste.
Please enjoy the exquisite balance of sweetness and sourness.

Warming time: 600 W 20 – 30 sec / 500 W 25 – 35 sec



To the combination of sweet things of chocolate,

Saltiness of butter and almond works! Almonds are crisp and crunchy
Roast securely for enjoyment. Please try a new texture of dorayaki.

Warming time: 600 W 25 – 35 sec / 500 W 30 – 40 sec



“Hot Dora Butter” dealer
Nakao Kiyokudo Takaoka main store
Address: 2-1 Miyata cho, Takaoka-shi, Toyama-ken
TEL: 0766-25-0514 FAX: 0766-26-0514
Opening Hours: 8: 00 ~ 19: 00 Closed: Wednesday

Nakao Shizukido Nomura branch
Address: 533-3 Nomura Takaoka, Toyama Prefecture
TEL: 0766-29-0514 / Business hours: 9: 00-19: 00 Closed: Wednesday

Nakao Kiyokudo Toyama branch
Address: 1-4-7 Oyamusamoto cho, Toyama city, Toyama Prefecture
TEL: 076-491-1255 / Business hours: 8: 30-19: 00 Closed: Wednesday


Nakao Kiyokudo Takaoka Yamato
Address: 101 Takaoka-shi, Toyama-ken 101 Takaoka Yamato B1 F
TEL: 0766-27-1693 / Opening Hours / Closed Holidays Conform to Takaoka Yamato Store


Nakao Kiyokudo Toyama Yamato branch
Address: Toyama prefecture Toyama City Kagaku ring 3 – chome 8 No. 6
076-424-1111 / Opening Hours / Closed Holidays Conform to Toyama Yamato Store


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