KATE will distribute “Cosplay Makeup Book” at Comike booth for free! 5 popular cosplayers transformed into KATE original characters!

KATE will distribute “Cosplay Makeup Book” at Comike booth for free! 5 popular cosplayers transformed into KATE original characters!

KATE (Kate) produced “Cosplay Makeup Book” using popular products, including the ST series, developed for people who like “I like trying new make-up because I love make-up.” At the KATE booth exhibiting at “Comic Market 95” to be held at Tokyo Big Sight from 29th to 31st December 2018, distribute this “Cosplay Make Book” for those interested in cosplayers interested in cosplay I will do.
In addition, TCB who is an illustrator in “Cosplay Makeup” made KATE original two-dimensional character, Akira Gogi of popular cosplayers, Rosiel, Mr. Rociel, Mr. Momozuki Nishiko, Mr. Will and Eli Piri It will appear as each character. There are plenty of other things you can only see here, such as cosplay photos and makeup HOWTO of direct cosplayers.
Why do not you make a make up on the ST series of KATE and turn it into a character you want to become?

■ 5 popular cosplayers playing the KATE original character

Atsura Itsuki
Activity and event appearance as various official cosplayers, model of magazines and products, supervision of product design, etc., utilizing the viewpoint as a cosplayer (expresser) is expanding activities. She also appeared on TV as a pro cosplayer. In addition, guests will be invited to events in more than 10 countries.

Fireman Rochelle
Coplo, Representative. We are actively expanding the range of activities, including a number of event appearances as a professional cosplayer, producing a maid cafe “cat ears maid store” and collaboration products with apparel brands.


Momoko Nako
While working as an active nurse, he is active as a popular cosplay player. Recently she has also worked as a variety show and event MC with Young Magazine · Weekly Playboy, FLASH etc., and in September it will play the first CM appearance on TVCM “Who is the Alchemist for Who”? He is actively engaged in local activities as well, he is a regular police chief and radio program regular, and MC at “Toyohashi Toyohashi Film Festival”.

Eli pears
I want to enjoy cosplay with my friends! I start cosplaying. High level photos are supported by many followers. My hobbies are drawing illustration, reading. I am also active as an illustrator “Riki”, and I also work on apparel design.


As a high-ranking male cosplayer, the support from women is high, many companies have official cosplayers and models, and they also appeared in overseas events. Acting also as a dance unit “Barragraph”.

■ The transformation of five people is the princess and prince of the world of “KATE”
You are straying in the world of beautiful and beautiful makeup —. What appeared in this country called “KATE” is the beautiful princesses of the first princess Rose, the second princess Clematis, the third princess Anemone, who have the names of the flowers blooming in winter, and they shine in the night sky of winter First Prince Sirius, the second prince Proquion, a beautiful prince bearing the name of a constellation.

Welcome to the ball called Comique. Please enjoy the morning glory of the moment.

■ Illustration of ‘Cosplay Makeup’ is Popular Illustrator TCB (Tiger Cat Bell)
Illustration communication service “pixiv” (pixish), but also popular TCB. Illustration making including magazines and CD jackets, including illustrations and covers of novels, is widely handled.

Illustrator working mainly for women

“Ikemen Revolution ◆ Magic of love with Alice (CYBIRD” “Ten Mad Cemetery (Rejet)” Astringe Echoes (G – Crest “Character Design
In addition, in participating commercial works “Fate / Grand Order” “Million Arthur divergence” etc.

■ “Cosplay Makeup Book” is distributed free at KATE booth
At the KATE booth, we will distribute “Cosplay Make-Up Book” which posted the cosplay picture of the character played by five people and the makeup’s HOWTO to those who are interested in cosplay. A handful of content-packed books that you can enjoy for cosplayers with comments by popular cosplayers and commentary on makeup.

■ To two-dimensional skin like pottery
Actually, the base of make-up makeup is also base make-up. However, if you try to coat bears and spots repeatedly, you will be away from the pottery skin like a doll. The base makeup items of KATE’s ST series are highly functional and beautiful finish that covers pores and color unevenness with a single paint. It prevents enemies of the cosplayer “make-up collapse” and demonstrates high covering power.

■ “ST series” that can transform into “want to become characters”
KATE’s “ST series” is a new line only for stores that was born in November towards curious make-up mania “I love make-up and want to try new make-up”. We will further expand the possibilities of makeup with high function and beautiful finish.

# Rare skin (* 1) painter
# Rare skin (* 1) painter

Replacing skin with one paint, Adhesive cover for pores and color unevenness
To uniform skin that does not feel the sign of thick coating

Store limited
Kate Rare Paint Foundation
All 4 colors 10g
Water proof type which is resistant to sweat and water and is less likely to collapse
SPF 47 · PA +++ (101: SPF 42 · PA +++)

◆ Emulsion type
◆ with puff
A high cover foundation that closely covers pores and color unevenness by one paint.
With soft and moist feel, finish to a glossy uniform skin without thick feeling.
※ 1 Finished with rare foundation and moist and moist skin finish.

(From left)
02 Standard skin
04 Slightly deep skin
100 white skin
101 brown skin

# Baseball skin base
# Baseball skin base
Pore ​​/ concave-convex adhering coating
With a single paint, even the pinch skin is instantly attacked (* 2)

Store limited
Kate cover under coat
1 color 30 g
SPF 15 · PA ++
◆ Pore cover
◆ Flesh color adjustment
A high cover base that smoothly coats pores and irregularities so as to smooth the skin surface.
It corrects redness / dullness / color unevenness, and it finishes to skin with gloss feeling without thick feeling feeling.

※ 2 Pinch skin and pores · irregularities · redness · dullness · color unevenness is anxious skin. Offensive skin is skin covered by makeup effect.

※ SPF is an index showing the effect of protecting the skin from ultraviolet B wave, PA is a classification showing the effect of protecting the skin from ultraviolet A wave. SPF, PA display is measured by coating 2 mg per 1 cm 2 on an international scale.
Please consider as a guide when selecting products. It is more effective when used in conjunction with other cosmetics with UV protection effect.

# Disadvantages Sniper
# Disadvantages Sniper
Concealer × highlighter aimed at skin problems (* 3)
This makes it easy to create a transparent skin with one skin

Store limited
Kate retouch paint palette
 All 2 species
With retouch tip ◆
Concealer covers skin troubles such as bears and redness, 4 color high covers concealer / face color palette that directs transparency with highlighters.
It is two pallet expansion for bear erasing (* 3) and reddish erasing (* 3).

※ 3 Cover with make-up effect


Add golden ratio curve (* 4) to eyelashes
Eyelash car burner

Store limited
Kate Curbner
1 kind
◆ Replaceable rubber

Kate Curbner replacement rubber
1 kind
◆ 2 pieces
An eyelash curler to catch up to every corner short lashes firmly and attach a golden ratio curve (* 4) to the eyelashes.
The eyelashes curve up along the rubber curve up guide part.

* 4 Curves that KATE pursues

※ KATE “ST series” will be sold at large-scale specialized fixtures introduction stores and some online shops.

 “KATE” adopts no print price. There is no price notation on goods and exterior.
Please refer to the price list below when publishing, please be sure to mention (Editorial department investigation).

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