Virtual talent Mr. Fuji Ao appointed the support head of SIM-free portable multiple-type translator “dokodemoTALK (anywhere talk)”!

Fuji Aoi × “dokodemo TALK (anywhere talk)” PR video here: https: //

Virtual talent “Fuji Aoi” belonging to Smarprise Co., Ltd. (location: Tokyo Shibuya-ku, President and CEO: Ken Igarashi) who is engaged in entertainment business and is engaged in the concept of “Kimi’s heart support club” We are pleased to announce that we have assumed Sapporo ‘s support as a SIM – free mobile multi – translator “dokodemoTALK (anywhere talk)” which WILLCOM CO., LTD. (Headquarters: Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture / President: Takeharu Takahashi) I will report.


With club supporters of “dokodemo TALK (anywhere talk)”
I will do PR as a cheering headmaster for “dokodemo TALK (anywhere talk)”. Today Monday, December 17 (Monday), collaboration video of “Fuji Aoi × dokodemo TALK (anywhere talk)” is released on Wilcom Co., Ltd. YouTube channel. Also at the end of December sales at real stores are planned, in that case collaboration video will be delivered, Fuji Aoi’s POP will also appear. Details will be released at a later date.

 · Wilcom Corporation YouTube channel:
What is “dokodemoTALK (anywhere talk)”
While the necessity of international communication such as the inbound demand accompanying the increase of tourists from overseas, the 2019 rugby World Cup in Tokyo 2016 Tokyo Olympic Games, and the acceptance of foreign workers are increasing year by year, in December 2018 “Dokodemo TALK (anywhere talk)” released in early. As SIM-free lightweight compact speech translator, it is optimal for carrying with hand palm size, simple to use and easy to operate, so it is a multi-translator that accommodates various scenes such as travel, business and learning tools.
If you apply with the entry sheet included at the time of purchase, basic charge of exclusive data SIM (domestic only) can be offered at a low price of 550 yen per month (tax not included) It is Wi-Fi compliant, you can use it without worrying about communication charges if you have a Wi-Fi environment both in Japan and abroad.

Product name: dokodemoTALK (anywhere talk)
Main unit price: 24,800 yen (excluding tax)
* SIM contract is required separately when using outside the Wi-Fi environment.
Dedicated SIM: 550 yen per month (excluding tax)

For details on other methods of use etc. please visit the following site.
What is Fuji Aoi?

Acting as a multi-talent with the concept of “Kimi’s heart support club” as a concept, I am active in a wide range of activities centering on video distribution on the YouTube channel.
In the main YouTube channel “Aoi ch.”, Videos are distributed mainly on cover songs, and “Aoi ‘s Kids” distributes song videos for children.
Major CD debut on November 7. Started digital preliminary delivery of major debut song “Beginning sound” from iTunes Store, Amazon Digital Music, etc from October 22nd. I gained 4 crowns (1 ※) at Amazon Music and entered the top 10 (* 2) in iTunes. In addition, I won the 10th place for the first appearance at Oricon Daily Single Ranking.
※ 1 Ranked 1st in the four sectors of “Music selling ranking album category”, “New arrival ranking of MP3 album category”, “Popularity degree ranking MP3 album category”, “Popularity degree ranking MP3 song category”
※ 2 iTunes 7th overall, 6th in the J-Pop genre.

Overview of Fuji Aoi

Aoi ch. Total video playback number about 21 million times
Aoi ch. About 170 thousand subscribers
Twitter Follower Approximately 75,000 people
(As of December 16, 2018)

▶ Fuji Ao YouTube “Aoi ch.”: Https://
▶ Fuji Ao YouTube “Aoi ‘s Kids”:
▶ Fuji Aoi Twitter:
▶ Aoi’s Showing:
▶ Universal Music Official Page Fuji Ao Artist page:

▶ iTunes:
▶ Amazon Digital Music: 9% 9 F% B 3 -% E 5% AF% 8 C% E 5% A 3% AB% E 8% 91% B 5 / dp / B 07 JDCSS Y 4


△ Fuji Aoi “Beginning sound” MV (Short Ver.)

 【About Smarprise Corporation】
Head office: 3 – 3 Shibuya 1 – chome, Shibuya – ku, Tokyo 150-0002 Huurik Aoyama 2nd building 3rd floor
Representative: President and Representative Director Takeshi Igarashi (Takeshi Ijusashi)
Establishment: April 1, 2015
Capital: 100 million yen
Business description: Media business · Entertainment business · Advertising agency business

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