Studio Ghibli work goods shop “Acorn republic” “Totoro decoration of Totoro and a catbass that is perfect for New Year” released from late December!

Benelic Co., Ltd. (President: Ikuo Shibata, headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo) announced a new product of the Studio Ghibli work from the end of December 2018, “Totoro (Three hundred yen, tax excluded) We will sell two varieties of Totoro Hockey Decorate Invitation Cat Bus (3,400 yen / tax basis) “at the online shop and so on with the Acorn Republic throughout the country.

A festive decoration is a Totoro and a catbus design with Japanese lucky motif as a motif, Totoro has a red leaf like a sea bream, and a catbus is posing as an invincible cat.

You can enjoy the whole year as an interior with a design that makes you feel like something good happens when you decorate it at your house.

Also, in the coming season of the New Year, it is also recommended to decorate a little change from the usual New Year’s decoration.

Please welcome the New Year with Totoro and Cat Bass, which seems to invite Fuku.

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【Late December released “Totoro and cat bus” Hoeshodorori “】
It is a figure of Totoro and a catbus who motifs Japanese lucky which is perfect as New Year’s decoration.
It is small enough to decorate the entrance and decorating shelves as it is small.

Totoro picked up red leaves like crayfish. I have a red leaf like a sea bream in my hand. It seems that things will happen somewhat!

Product Name: My Neighbor Totoro Welcome to Meet Totoro
Price: 3,400 yen (excluding tax)
Size: W85 × H110 × D100 mm
Material: polyester resin · cotton · alloy


A cat bus dressed like a lucky cat. The destination display is “Fuku”.
It seems that he will tie me the edge with people as he raises his left hand and finds a lost child Mei.

Product Name: My Neighbor Totoro Achievement Ornaments Invitation Cat Bass
Price: 3,400 yen (excluding tax)
Size: W 97 × H 110 × D 107 mm
Material: Polyester resin

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