Japan shines first in national sector within Asia  / 【Agoda】 Announces popular travel destination rankings in 2018

【Agoda】 Announces popular travel destination rankings in 2018
Japan shines first in national sector within Asia
Agoda (Headquarters: Singapore), one of the fastest growing online travel agencies in the world (OTA), today announced the reservation data on the site from January 1 to November 11 this year Analyzed and announced that the cities that gathered many reservations in 2018 were Bangkok, London, Las Vegas. In addition, Japan became the first reserved country in Asia (Thailand second place), Europe in the UK and Italy occupied the top position by country.
Japan, which became the first reserved country in the Asian region, gathered popularity among travelers all over the world due to a seasonal scenery such as cherry blossoms and an unusual experience such as a robot restaurant. Especially travelers from all over the world, including Asia, came together in lively big cities such as Tokyo and Osaka.

In the European district, Turkey’s Istanbul, Turkey’s Istanbul, where the modernization is remarkable, has ranked up from the survey in FY 2016, while London and Paris occupy the top seat of booking in the European district, whereas London and Paris are ranked fifth in the current year . Istanbul boasts a history of more than 2500 years, with rich cultures and scenic views, it is the only city in the world that crosses Europe and Asia.

New York (New York State), famous for the name of “Los Angeles (California)”, Los Angeles (California), Las Vegas (Nevada State) who is irresolvable for party lovers, has occupied the top three in the US district . As a remarkable desnation, Phoenix (Arizona State) where mild sunlight falls throughout the year and Houston (Texas State) which can fully enjoy the hospitality of southern United States greatly increased the rank. The details of the top 10 in each region / popular reservation destination in 2018 are as follows.
Ranking for each area / Popular travel destination in FY 2018
【Popular city rankings (Asia)】
1. Bangkok (Thailand)
2. Tokyo (Japan)
3. Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)
4. Hong Kong (China)
5. Osaka (Japan)
6. Taipei (Taiwan)
7. Seoul (Korea)
8. Singapore (Singapore)
9. Bali (Indonesia)
10. Pattaya (Thailand)

【Popular city ranking (Europe)】
1. London (UK)
2. Paris (France)
3. Rome (Italy)
4. Barcelona (Spain)
5. Istanbul (Turkey)
6. Amsterdam (Netherlands
7. Milan (Italy)
8. Madrid (Spain)
9. Venice (Italy)
10. Prague (Czech Republic)

【Popular city rankings (USA)】
1. Las Vegas (Nevada State)
2. Los Angeles (California State)
3. New York (New York State)
4. Orlando (Florida State)
5. San Francisco (California)
6. Chicago (Illinois State)
7. Phoenix (Arizona State)
8. Houston (Texas)
9. Oahu (Hawaii State)
10. San Diego (California)

【Popularity Country Ranking (Asia)】
1. Japan
2. Thailand
3. Malaysia

【Popularity Countries Ranking (Europe)】
1. UK
2. Italy
3. France

Regardless of the trend of reservation by region, Thailand is ranked among the top three reserved points in many countries of the world. The reason why Bangkok is continually becoming a popular destination is that there are a lot of convenient means of transportation for traveling and full of energetic and fascinating culture.

Also, looking at travel destination rankings focusing on Japanese travelers, Thailand and Korea made reservations abroad, Seoul, Bangkok and Taipei ranked in the top 10 by city.

【Popularity Country Ranking (Japanese Travelers)】
1. Japan
2. Thailand
3. Korea

【Popular city rankings (Japanese travelers)】
1. Tokyo
2. Osaka
3. Seoul (Korea)
4. Bangkok (Thailand)
5. Kyoto
6. Taipei (Taiwan)
7. Fukuoka
8. Okinawa Main Island
9. Sapporo
10. Nagoya

【About Agoda (R)】
Established in 2005 as an IT startup company in Singapore, Agoda is one of the fastest growing online travel reservation platforms in the world. Today, more than 2 million accommodation facilities are handled in more than 200 countries and regions around the world, and from luxury hotels to cheap hotels as well as apartments, private property, villas and suites, various budget levels and traveling scenes We offer a comprehensive range of choices for tourists all over the world. As headquartered in Singapore, as a subsidiary of Booking Holdings (Nasdaq: BKNG), we currently have branch offices in 53 cities in more than 30 countries, with over 3,700 employees. Agoda.com and mobile apps on the website are also available in 38 languages.

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