further! We can get Christmas events and legendary summons for luxury items getting “Summoner, Become a legend!” In progress!
GAMEVIL COM2US Japan (Tokyo Metropolitan Shinjuku Ward, President and Representative Director: Kim Jin-young) who services and manages mobile games for smartphones is a genuine 90 million DL worldwide being distributed on iOS / Android We will inform you of the addition of a new item “Summoning blessing” and a Christmas event on December 17 (Monday) at RPG “Summer’s War: Sky Arena”.

First of all download the game!

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■ Bless all the summons! A new item “Summoning blessing” that can be selected and summoned appears for a limited time!

This time limited new item “Blessing of summon” added this time is 2 picked up monsters of the same star when summoning genuine star 4, star 5 monster, you can choose your favorite monster from “Select You can summon. There are two kinds of summons’ blessings, ‘summon blessing’ when summoning genuine star 4 monsters, ‘splendid summoning blessing’ in case of genuine star 5 monsters apply. It is an opportunity to get the monster I wanted. Do not miss it!

▶ “You can summon a genuine star 4 monster,” Summon blessing ”

▶ “You can summon a genuine star 5 monster” Blessing of the brilliant summon ”

■ New item! Holding “Christmas gift” event where you can get the summons blessing!

The new event “Christmas gifts” is an event where Christmas gift boxes can be obtained at each dungeon (all regions of the scenario / Chiros dungeon / Danko danjon) during the event period. When you open the Christmas gift box, two items appear, you can select one from them and receive it. There are also daily gifts that you can get items even by getting one Christmas box every day during the term. In addition, you can also “summon blessing” that you can summon a selection by the cumulative number of Christmas boxes. Please join us and get luxury items.


From Monday December 17, 2018 to Monday, January 6, 2019 until 23: 59

□ Remuneration list

· Items available from Christmas gift box
A piece of legendary summons
A piece of light and dark summons
A summon of fire
Water summons
Wind summon
Magical summons
Engraved summon stone

· Christmas Daily Gift Reward
Energy × 50
Manastone × 50,000

■ You can get a legendary summons that you can acquire a monster with 4 or more genuine stars as confirmed “Summoner, Become a legend!”

In the event currently being held “Summoner, Become a legend!” Is an event where items are gifted by clearing the daily mission specified. For those who have achieved all the missions for 20 days, we will give you a “legendary summons” that you can definitely acquire monsters with genuine stars 4 to 5. By using it together with the new item “Blessed of Summon” added this time, it makes it easier to obtain monsters that I wanted. Please also challenge this event.

~ Sunday, January 21, 2019 until 23:59

Delivery overview

“Summoners War: Sky Arena” iOS version
Service start date: Thursday, June 12, 2014
Supported OS: iOS 8.0 or later
Price: Basic play free (item charge)
Rights notation: (C) 2018 Com2us Corp.
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“Summoners War: Sky Arena” Android version
Service start date: Thursday, June 12, 2014
Supported OS: Android OS 4.03 or later
Price: Basic play free (item charge)
Rights notation: (C) 2018 Com2us Corp.
▼ Google Play

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[Reference site] ◆ Official website: http://jp.com2us.com/
◆ Official Twitter: https://twitter.com/summoners_STAFF
◆ Official Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/JPSummonersWar/

Come, please play. We look forward to your continued support of “COM2US” in the future.

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