Review & Adventure RPG “Girl ☆ Opera Revue Sturlight – Re LIVE -” New TVCM broadcasting started! The first real event “Stalira Festival 2019 in Ikebukuro” will be held!

Bushiroad (head office: Nakano-ku, Tokyo; President: Yoshiaki Hashimoto, hereinafter referred to as Bushiroad) and TBS TV Co., Ltd. (Head office: Aichi Prefecture Nagoya City, President: Today, we are broadcasting a new TVCM of a new smartphone game application “Girl ☆ Opera Revue Sturlight – Re LIVE -” (Stalira) jointly developed with Minato Ward Akasaka, President and CEO: Takashi Sasaki. In addition, we decided to hold “Stalira Festival 2019 in Ikebukuro”.

New TVCM broadcasting start!

From Friday, December 14, the new TVCM will start broadcasting.
During the Christmas and New Year periods, stage girls wearing each limited clothing appeared.
You can watch the 30-second version on the official YouTube channel (StaraLite channel).

▼ TVCM overview
Broadcasting area: Kanto, Kansai, Chukyo (※ The starting date varies depending on some areas.)
Stalelight channel:

Stalira’s first real event “Stalira Festival 2019 in Ikebukuro” to be held!

It was decided to hold the real event “Stalira Festival 2019 in Ikebukuro” for the first time in Stalira.
We are planning to exhibit a number of stages, attractions and merchandise.
It will be held simultaneously with “Bundle! Girls Band Party!”

▼ Summary
Girl party! & Stalira Festival 2019 in Ikebukuro
Schedule dates: Saturday, June 8, 2019, Sunday, 9th
Venue: Tokyo · Ikebukuro Sunshine City
※ I will show you the details at a later date

“One night’s special live broadcasting sterlas Christmas” on Twitter live limited!

Friday, December 21st (Friday) from 21:00, “Special live stalla Christmas only one night only” will be sent live on Twitter.
We are planning an introduction corner and challenge plan of Stalira by guests and development producers. In accordance with the results of the challenge planning, we will implement a gift campaign honoring luxury prizes.
For more information please visit Stalira Official Twitter.

■ Stalira Official Twitter:
■ viewing reservation page:

From now on we will also release new information of “Girl ☆ Opera Revue Sturrer – Re LIVE -” (Stalira) in order. Please stay tuned.

■ “Girl ☆ Opera Revue Sturlight – Re LIVE -” (Stalyla) and
This work is a game application for a new smartphone starting with a musical and a theme based on a dual layer expansion girl opera “Girl ☆ Opera Revue Sturlight” which was broadcasted from July 2018.
A full-length original story was developed, and nine stage girls appearing in musicals and animations, as well as 15 stage girls of the original game age appeared. It is an authentic RPG that can fully enjoy the world view of the work.

“Girl ☆ opera review stare light – Re LIVE -” Official website:

■ “Girl ☆ Opera revue starlight” is
A musical performance that will be the first project of the project will be held in September 2017 under the concept that the same cast plays the two-layer expansion type girl opera spinning with musicals and animation. The performances by the casts’ full-hearted songs, dance, and sword fighting call up a topic, holding a revival performance early in January 2018. In July, TV animation was broadcast, and in October a new work performance of the stage was also held.

【Copyright notation】
(C) Project Revue Starlight (C) 2018 Ateam Inc. (C) Tokyo Broadcasting System Television, Inc. (C) bushiroad All Rights Reserved.

【Application Overview】
Application name: girl ☆ opera review stare light – Re LIVE –
Supported OS: iOS 9.0 or later, Android OS 4.4 or later terminal recommendation (excluding some terminals)
Usage charge: basic free (item charge system)
App Store:
Google Play (TM):
Official website:
Official Twitter:

About Bushiroad
Bushiroad is a company that develops content business. We do a wide range of entertainment business including trading card game, game for smartphone, live event etc.

About TBS
It is a company that develops general broadcasting business (broadcasting of television) by broadcast law and other broadcasting business · non-broadcasting business.

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