“Yokai Watch Medal Wars” “Movie Yokai Watch” Commemoration! Twitter campaign held!

Net marble x Level Five gives new app titles “Yokai Watch Medal Wars” “Movie Yokai Watch” release commemoration! We hold a Twitter campaign where you can receive cats and in-game characters and stuffed animals!
● You can get in-game characters and stuffed animals of “Cat Nomad” of great success in movies! “Movie Yokai Watch FOREVER FRIENDS” Open Memorial Twitter Campaign 2nd Held!
● Pre-registration campaign which gets luxury benefits such as costumes that can be Keta and Fumi!

Netmarble Corp. and Level 5 (Head office: Chuo-ku, Fukuoka City, President / CEO: Akihiro Hino) are planning to release a “Yokai Watch” scheduled to be released with net marble and level five Today, December 14th (Fri), in celebration of the release of “Movie Yokai Watch FOREVER FRIENDS” in the series’ new app title “Yaku Watch Medal Wars”, in-game characters of the youkai “cat” We will inform you that we will hold a Twitter campaign to receive stuffed toys.

◆ What is “Youkai Watch Medal Wars”?
“Yokai Watch Medal Wars” is an application game developed by Net Marble Monster, a subsidiary of Net Marble, which combines level Five and Net Marble. A new original story surrounding “Ojjmedaru” is an RPG that can enjoy plenty of volume.
The main character of this work, you yourself! You can customize your avatar at will and enjoy the adventure of only you.
In addition to growing the youkai who became a friend, we are also planning to implement modes that allow you to battle with users in real time, such as searching for youkai using the AR function, shooting pictures and sharing modes.

◆ “Movie Yokai Watch FOREVER FRIENDS” Open Memorial Twitter Campaign Held!
From today Friday, December 14th, we will hold a campaign to celebrate luxury prizes in commemoration of the release of “Movie Yokai Watch FOREVER FRIENDS”. “Youkai Watch Medal Wars” Following the official Twitter (@ yokai_medalwars), a lottery from those who retweeted the campaign target tweet, “Plush toy”, a big success at “Movie Yokai Watch FOREVER FRIENDS” We will present to a total of 6 people, “Huge Plush Toy (Catsumata)” for 3 people, “Mecca Stuffed Toy (Catsumata)” for 3 people.
Also, if the number of followers of Twitter is over 30,000, we will give everyone the youkai “cat nom” that can be used in the game when official service starts.
Campaign target tweets will be announced at official Twitter (@ yokai_medalwars), so please check them. We look forward to the participation of everyone.

● Campaign period (“cat nom” plush toy gift)
Friday 14th December 2018 until Thursday, December 20th
※ In-game character “cat nom” present at the achievement of 30,000 official Twitter followers will be held continuously until official service.

● Campaign recent tweets

◆ Pre-registration campaign which gets luxury benefits such as costumes that can be Keta and Fumi!
At “Yo-kai watch medal wars” we are currently accepting pre-registration. In addition to registering e-mail address on official website, follow-up Twitter, LINE friend registration, YouTube channel registration, you can also register from Google Play.
To preregistered people, we will give either “Dai Nyang”, “Keta Nikiri set” or “Fumi chan Norikiri set” when official service starts. In addition, we have also held a “pre-registration campaign” that gains luxury benefits gained at official service as more advance registrants increase, so invite your friends and register for it.

● “Yo-kai Watch Medal Wars” Official Site (Pre-Registration Reception)

● “Yo-kai watch medal wars” Google Play pre-registration (Pre-register)

● “Yo-kai watch medal wars” Official Twitter

The latest information on “Yokai Watch Medal Wars” will be announced on the official website and official Twitter, so please check it.

◆ Application overview ◆
[Title] Yo-kai watch medal wars
[Genre] Youkai Battle RPG
[Delivery date] TBD
[Operation] Netmarble Corp.
[Development] Netmarble Monster Inc.
[Original work · Supervision] Level 5, Inc.
[Supported devices] Android 4.1 or later / iOS 9 or later / iPad, Android Tablet compatible
[Price] Basic Play Free (In-app charges available)
[Copyright Notice] (c) LEVEL – 5 Inc. (c) Netmarble Corp. & Netmarble Monster Inc. 2018 All Rights Reserved.

◆ About Netmarble Corp.
Net marble offers fun and good games to people all over the world. It is currently one of the fastest growing mobile game companies in the world, a developer and publisher representing the whole world. Since its establishment in South Korea in 2000, with over 5,000 employees, a high-quality mobile game such as Lineage 2 Revolution, Marvell Future Fight, Seven Knights, Get Rich We have released and served. Net Marble, the parent company of Kabam, the global MMORPG game developer and the largest shareholder of Jam City, the global casual game development company, is one of Asia’s largest entertainment companies CJ ENM, the largest internet company in Asia Tencent Holdings, MMO famous companies We have concluded a strategic partnership with NCSOFT and cooperated with each other. For more information on net marble please visit http://company.netmarble.com/en.
In Japan, Net Marble Japan Co., Ltd., a Japanese corporation of Net Marble, provides mobile game services for smartphones. For more information, please visit https://www.netmarble.co.jp/.

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