Official Gaidai of that popular TV animation “IS “! DMM GAMES “IS Archetype · Breaker” scenario collection is on sale now!

Companies DMM GAMES (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, Representative: Kenichi Katagishi, URL: is an official Gaiden of the popular TV anime “IS “, “IS < Infinite Stratos> Archetype · Breaker “scenario collection is on sale at DMM GAMES.

A fierce battle with a new threat “absolute enemy (imague and origin)”! And there are plenty of event episodes such as hot springs, Tanabata, Valentines, Weddings, school trips, big sports festivals! Please enjoy the scenario with volume full score exceeding 1200 and 8 attractive original characters in addition to familiar characters!

Product overview
Popular TV animation IS Official Gaiden
Title: “IS Archetype · Breaker” Scenario Collection
Platform: DMM GAMES
Price: 1,980 yen (tax included)

● Windows Download Version
【DMM GAMES Paid Game】

● DMM GAME PLAYER download version
【What is DMM GAME PLAYER? 】 (DMM GAME PLAYER version is here)

◆ Staff
Original: Bowstring Izuru (Overlap Bunko)
Scenario draft: Bowstring Izzle
Scenario: Ichibanso and others
Character design: Kumi Horii, CHuN (Friendly Land), Masatomi Masato, Komatsu Ehji, Black silver, Ryuji
Mechanical design: Takeshi Takakura, CHuN (Friendly Land), Chiya Kirishima, Ehime Komago, Black silver, Ryuji

Rights notation: (C) DMM GAMES (C) Izuru Yumizuru, OVERLAP / Project IS

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