Let’s collect stamps using the Disney official application “My Disney”! Holding a check-in gift campaign at overseas Disney Resort

Campaign period: Friday, December 14, 2018 ~ September 30, 2019 (Monday)

Walt Disney Japan Co., Ltd. (Location: Minato-ku, Tokyo) uses the official Disney application “My Disney” to collect digital stamps “Check-in gift campaign for overseas Disney resorts” in December 2018 It will be held from Friday (Friday) to September 30, 2019 (Monday).

Official Disney app “My Disney” https://secured.disney.co.jp/mydisney.html

“Present campaign” http://mydisney.jp/parkcheckin

■ Check in overseas Disney Resort, get digital stamp GET & original gift!
“Check-in gift campaign at overseas Disney Resort” planned from wish that more customers would know about foreign Disney Resort, enjoy it, and leave Disney experience as a nice memorial.
Before you leave, download the Disney official application, “My Disney” in advance, log in to the application when you arrive at the site, and you can get a special digital stamp by checking in each designated place. In addition, by collecting stamps of more than 2 resorts and applying, we will receive original pinz of not-for-sale and 2020 version international Disney resort custom calendar.

“Campaign overview”
■ Contents: Installing & logging in the Disney official application “My Disney” and checking in four Disney resorts of Hong Kong and the United States (California, Florida, Hawaii) in the vicinity of the specified four target Disney resorts, digital Get a stamp.
If you collect more than two Disney Resort stamps and apply, we will give you Original Pins & Disney Resort Special Calendar (2020 version) without fail.

■ Stamped subject resort:
California de Wizelando Resort
Florida Walt Disney World Resort
Aurani Disney Resort & Spa Ko Olina Hawaii
Hong Kong Disneyland Resort

■ Present contents: (Present for all applicants)

· 2 stamps, 1 special pin badge (chip and dale) and 1 calendar
· 3 stamps and 2 special pin badges (Donald & Daisy + Chip and Dale) and 1 calendar
· 4 stamps and 3 special pin badges (- Mickey & Minnie + Donald & Daisy + Chip and Dale) and one calendar

■ Country of Implementation: Japan (for customers going from Japan to Hong Kong, USA)
“My Disney” application can be downloaded only in Japan, customers will download before traveling.

■ Period: Check In Period: December 14, 2018 (Friday) to September 30 (Monday) 2019 until Japan Time
Present application period: Friday, 14th December 2018 ~ Monday, 30th September 2019 until Japan Time
Present shipping time: after November 2019

※ All products are not for sale. / Required to apply for gifts (You can not apply for multiple gifts).

【About California Disneyland Resort】

California Disneyland Resort is the first Disney theme park on the planet, opened by Walt Disney himself in 1955. Disney Land Park “,” Disney – California Adventure Park “with the theme of California, and a complex” Downtown Disney “where three directly managed hotels, shops and restaurants gather. There are lots of attractions and shows that are only here, such as Carsland, the theme of the movie ‘Cars’. In the summer of 2019, the world’s first “Star Wars” theme land is coming up and we are still evolving. It is a resort full of dreams and magic that you can experience California’s mild climate and Walt’s feelings.

www.disneyland.jp From each QR code below, you can see the instagram of each Disney Resort.

【About Florida Walt Disney World Resort】

The Walt Disney World Resort opened in 1971 is a vast resort where the site area is 1.6 times the inside area of ​​the Tokyo JR Yamanote line. It is the world’s largest Disney Resort which owns 2 water parks, entertainment areas and more than 25 directly-operated hotels in 4 theme parks. “Disney · Animal Kingdom” where nature and life and magic became united, “Disney · Hollywood · Studio” which can enjoy the world of Disney movies and animation, including a classic “Magic Kingdom · Park”, air travel from space travel, We are waiting for the stage that will fulfill a full vacation, such as “Epcot” where you can experience sea floor exploration on a world trip. Following California, the theme land of “Star Wars” opens in the late autumn of 2019.

【About Aurani Disney Resort & Spa Ko Olina Hawaii】

Opened in 2011, Aurani is a superb family entertainment resort combining Disney Magic on Hawaii and Oahu with Hawaii’s rich culture and beautiful scenery. Spa facilities offering various water activities and superlative relaxation, as well as villa (481 room) type guest rooms that allow you to stay like comfortable hotel rooms (351 rooms / 16 suites) You can enjoy it for all ages including character dining and enchanting entertainment. Disney’s unique hospitality and service at the beach surrounded by a quiet crystal blue lagoon, and a fascinating holiday in nature’s bosom.

【About Hong Kong Disneyland Resort】

Hong Kong Disneyland Resort, which continues to evolve since its opening in 2005, consists of Disney Land Park and three Disney-managed hotels. Attractions and shows attractive such as authentic Chinese cuisine in an oriental atmosphere, dining with aligned dimensions, unique souvenirs etc, which can only be experienced only in Hong Kong Disneyland.


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