Maiden’s bookshelf series The latest edition is published at the same time by Soseki Natsume, Izumi Kaoru and “Touken Ranbu” illustrator for 2 books simultaneously

Shito-ken (Location: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Issuer: Yu Komori) who develop literary and cooking related publishing business in the Impress Group has published the latest book “Oddori Yoru” and “Surgical Room” We will release two volumes simultaneously on December 15, 2018.

“Otome’s bookshelf” is a series of collaborations that can be enjoyed with a picture book feeling, accompanied by illustration with modern illustrator with free sensibility, to masterpieces of Bunka. “Dream Ten Nights” is illustrator / chemistry in Natsume Soseki’s work, “surgery room”, Illustrator · Honogiroto Uji in illustrations of Izumi Kaga, drawing a lot of illustrations, respectively. It is a work that you can enjoy each work luxuriously with all colors.

Book information 1.
Maiden’s bookshelf “Yume no Night”
Author: Natsume Soseki + Shikimi
List price: 1,944 yen (main body 1,800 yen + tax)
Specification: B5 change / page 72
Issued Kitaya / Release Rittor Music
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Natsume Soseki (Natsume Sekki)
Born in the Tokyo metropolitan area as of the third year of Keio (1867). After graduating from the Imperial University English School, he went to the UK after teacher. After returning home, “I am a cat” announced. After that he joined the Asahi Newspaper and became a professional writer. Other major works include “Botchan” “Sanshiro” “Then” “Light and dark”.

Illustrator. I live in Tokyo. In addition to the character design of famous online games such as “Sword Ranbu”, he is collaborating with many books and fashion brands. In the book there is a “man who travels with stamps” (Edogawa Ranpo + Shikimi), “Cat Town” (Sakutaro Hagiwara + Shikimi), “A country of bamboo”.

Book information 2.
Maiden’s bookshelf “surgery room”
Author: Izumi Kyoka + Honojirotoji
List price: 1,944 yen (main body 1,800 yen + tax)
Specification: B5 change / 64 pages
Issued Kitaya / Release Rittor Music
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Izumi Kyoka (Izumi Elementary School)
Born in Ishikawa Prefecture in 1873 (Meiji 6). Studied under the Ozaki autumn leaves. In 1895, “Nocturnal Police”, “Surgery Room” was announced and became a topic. Other representative works such as “Takano Aya” “Singing Lamp”. The birthplace in Kanazawa City is now the Izumi Kaga Memorial Hall.

Honojiro Toruji
I am working as a free illustrator since 2015. Character design, illustration etc are handled. In the book “Bottle Hell” (Hisamu Yumano + Honodyjirouji), “Shirojimoro” is.

“Otome’s bookshelf series popularly on sale”
“Girl student”
Author: Dazai Osamu + Imai Kira Price: (1,800 yen + tax)

“Cat town”
Author: Sakutaro Hagiwara + Dressing Price: (1,800 yen + tax)

“Leaf cherry and magical flute”
Author: Osamu Dazai + Saku Hikawa Price: (1,800 yen + tax)

Author: Kajiro Shijiro + Komei Regular Price: (1,800 yen + tax)

“Otoko and traveling guy”
Author: Edogawa Ranpo + Dressing Price: (1,800 yen + tax)

“Bottled Hell”
Author: Hisamu Yumano + Honojiroto Yuji Price: (1,800 yen + tax)

Author: Ryunosuke Akutagawa + Koshi Price: (Main body 1,800 yen + Tax)

Shitôdo is developing publishing activities introducing pop culture in various fields such as literature, manga, cooking and others. It is a publishing brand collecting the topics of highly sensitive readers, such as Tezuka Osamu and Tani Yukiko’s phantom cartoon reprints, as well as popular series such as “Book cookbook shelf” “Otome’s bookshelf”.

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