Download No.1 keyboard application * “Simeji”, virtual talent “Fuji Aoi” keyboard The second phase of Kisekei selling for a limited time

~ The second bullet is a rich moving schedule! ~

Japanese input & Kisekae emoticon keyboard application “Simeji” (iOS, Android version) provided by Baidu Inc. (Head office: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO Charles Zhang) will be on sale on November 13, 2018 Becoming the first popular popularity, we will begin selling the second round of the original Kisekae design of virtual talent “Fuji Aoi” from Saturday, December 15th this year. As with the first bullet, the price will be 360 ​​yen (including tax).

* July 2010 – August 2018 Total of iOS and Google Play in Japan
* Search App Annie

1. Purchase method

1) Download Simeji to the smartphone (unnecessary if already downloaded)

2) I access the special page “Fuji Aoi × Simeji” from the banner.

3) When you tap on the appropriate schedule amount button, the purchase button will be displayed. Please make payment according to the guidance of each platform (“App Store” “Google Play”).

4) Complete payment, tap “Apply” button and it is done.

* Not compatible with iPad, Pro version.

※ First round of screens are in line. Please be careful of mistakes.

2. Period

Saturday, December 15 –

※ End date to be determined

3. Design image
【2nd bullet】 “♪” comes down to express her artistic nature while keeping blue as the main color of Mr. Aoi Fuji.

About virtual talent “Fuji Aoi”

Acting as a multi-talent with the concept of “Kimi’s heart support club” as a concept, I am active in a wide range of activities centering on video distribution on the YouTube channel.
In the main YouTube channel “Aoi ch.”, Videos are distributed mainly on cover songs, and “Aoi ‘s Kids” distributes song videos for children.
Major CD debut on November 7. Started digital preliminary delivery of major debut song “Beginning sound” from iTunes Store, Amazon Digital Music, etc from October 22nd. I gained 4 crowns (1 ※) at Amazon Music and entered the top 10 (* 2) in iTunes. In addition, I won the 10th place for the first appearance at Oricon Daily Single Ranking.
※ 1 Ranked 1st in the four sectors of “Music selling ranking album category”, “New arrival ranking of MP3 album category”, “Popularity degree ranking MP3 album category”, “Popularity degree ranking MP3 song category”
※ 2 iTunes 7th overall, 6th in the J-Pop genre. ※ 2 iTunes 7th overall, 6th in the J-Pop genre.

Aoi ch. Total video playback number about 21 million times

Aoi ch. About 170 thousand subscribers

Twitter Follower Approximately 75,000 people

(As of December 11, 2018)

■ Youtube channel (

■ Twitter (

■ Official website (

■ Japanese input & Kisekae emoticons About keyboard application “Simeji”

Simeji – Japanese input & Kisekae emoticon keyboard application “is the first 3rd party Japanese keyboard released on Google Play ™. Currently on Google Play ™, it is a Japanese input application boasting a total number of downloads of about 18.2 million or more. In addition, we began offering iOS version in September 2014, achieving 14.8 million downloads as of October 2018, achieving 33 million downloads with both OSs. Also, App Store “Best of 2016 Best of the year” ranking: ranked also in the free category.

In addition to a unique input keyboard such as flick input, emoticon input, ASCII art input, it also supports voice input using AI technology in China, providing a unique and detailed character input experience. Also, we have many pictograms and emoticons that enrich communication of e-mail and SNS in the App. Furthermore, by using cloud superconversion, it is possible to display abundant emoticon transformations while keeping the terminal memory usage down, and to display interesting transformations at the moment of input. Moreover, you can customize with the skin function of sophisticated design which can change the design of the keyboard freely, and the enjoyment of using smartphones and tablet terminals is further enhanced. In March 2015, “Simeji Pro” became the first paid app to be offered for iOS. In addition, thanks to 2018, Simeji celebrated its 10th anniversary since its birth.

Simeji official site:

Simeji official Facebook:

Simeji official Twitter:

Android version


* The screen of the terms of service will be displayed at the first launch. After checking the contents, tap “agree” if you can agree.

iOS version


Simeji Pro 【iPhone version only, 1,080 yen (tax included)】



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* Google Play and the Google Play logo are trademarks of Google Inc.

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