“FEAR Terrible Man” who revealed the “crazy reality” of the Trump regime exceeded 75,000 copies in 2 days! 1st best seller in major bookstores nationwide

“You are a liar of fucking fellows!” The truth of the crazy-filled White House whose aides closes down one by one

The Nihon Keizai Shimbun Publishing Company (Location: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, President: Yutaka Kaneko) released Bob Woodward’s “FEAR Terrified Man – Truth of the Trump Regime” on December 4 (Tuesday) It broke through 3,500,000 copies in just two days. This book is currently the best selling record number in major bookstores nationwide.

Author Bob Woodward is a leading investigator in the report investigating president Nixon to retire and currently serves as deputy editor in the Washington Post newspaper and represents the United States that won the Pulitzer Prize twice in the past It is a journalist. The book written by Mr. Woodward gathered the world’s attention from before the publication that “the reliability of information is much different from that of other exposing books”, and the total of books and e-book versions are summed up in the whole country 190 It is a great best seller who breaks over a million copies.

For the purpose of this book, Mr. Woodward drew several hundred hours of interviews with numerous important figures who knew about the inside of the administration. Also, from primary information such as confidential conference memos, files, documents, personal diaries, I revealed how President Trump ‘s “crazy decision making” was done and how much the White House was in dysfunction.

In this book, the remarks that John Kelly, who was one of the most close aides and who resigned as a resignation recently, criticized President Trump was recorded. “He’s foolish, trying to persuade anything is useless, he’s insane, we are in a crazy city.”

Decision making in the world’s most powerful country is now full of madness. The White House staff deliberately obstructs the President’s dangerous impulses and “not insane” ideas and moves the country. This is the story.

■ 1st best seller in major bookstores nationwide!
All Kumasawa bookstores (Non fiction: 12/3 – 9)
Sanseido book store all stores (economy: 12 / 3-9)
All Yurakudo branches (politics / society: 12 / 2-8)
Kinokuniya Shoten Umeda main store (Politics · Diplomacy: 12 / 3-9)
Ginza / Art Museum (Society / Politics: 12 / 2-8)

[Bibliographic information] Title: The man of fear – the truth of the trump regime
Author: Bob Woodward
Translator: Fushimi Hiban
Appearance: Shikoku Homemade, 536 pages + color photographs 16 pages
Fixed price: main unit 2200 yen + tax
Release date: December 4
ISBN: 978-4-532-17652-5
Product information page: https://www.nikkeibook.com/item-detail/17652

【Author Biography】
Bob Woodward
A representative journalist in the United States. Born in 1943, graduated from Yale University. He is a reporter and editor of the Washington Post for 47 years. Known as a young reporter of the social department of the newspaper, he is known for scooping the Watergate case with his colleague Carl Bernstein and making a chance to retire President Nixon. From the activities of the two people at the time, the style “survey report” was established and the paper was awarded the Pulitzer Prize.
Woodward continued reportership afterwards, and in 2003 he received the Pulitzer Prize again in coverage on 9.11 terror. All 18 books including co-authored such as “President’s conspiracy”, “Bush’s war”, “Man who buried President Deep Throat” are entering the best-selling list of non-fiction books. Twelve of them were nationally No. 1 best sellers. Currently he is responsible for deputy editor-in-chief of Washington Post.

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