“TheWORLD” channel which can enjoy football information all over the world appeared in smart news

Today, the football magazine “theWORLD” channel appeared on Smart News news channel plus.

“TheWORLD” is a WEB magazine handling hot soccer news from both the domestic and international coaches, from major European leagues to Japan national team and J league. We introduce the information of national delegates by our own perspective from one of industry’s most prominent writers. Of course, news with high expressibility and a large number of columns full of originality are delivered. We will deliver the enjoyment of football from various perspectives. Please enjoy football information all over the world on the “WORLD” channel.

■ What is the dedicated content channel “Channel Plus”?

Channel Plus is a dedicated content channel that a media partner and Smart News jointly establish for a user wanting to read the contents of a specific media. It started from May 2013 and exceeds 370 channels (Japan and the US) as of the end of July 2018.

■ About Smart News Corporation http://about.smartnews.com/

Smart News Co., Ltd. is a company established on June 15, 2012, with the mission of “delivering high-quality information around the world to necessary people”. SmartNews (smart news), a news application for smartphones and tablets that exceeds 35 million downloads in Japan and the US, is operating, and we are engaged in business alliances with numerous media companies around this application.

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