Official goods site of the rock band tricot which is drawing a sharp rise, opened

Official goods site of the rock band tricot which is drawing a sharp rise, opened

We provide an omni-channel platform with a total membership of more than 2.2 million (* 2) centered on the service “bitfan” (* 1) which realized the visualization of the fan’s heat to artists and creators, and “FanTech” field SKIYAKI Inc. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, President: Takuya Miyase, hereinafter referred to as “SKIYAKI”) will continue to aim to offer new value as a pioneer of the company “Tricot shop Shop) “( opened.

tricot is a four-person rock band formed in September 2010, attracting fans with unique, thrilling songs that can not be predicted, overwhelming performance and live performances. She also performed at “Kyoto Univ.”, “FUJI ROCK FESTIVAL”, “ROCK IN JAPAN FESTIVAL” and energetically developed live activities. After the first tour of Asia in 2014, since then, we have hosted 14 European tours and US tours, attracting attention both in Japan and abroad. On the official goods site that opens this time, we sell goods such as T – shirts.

【Official goods site details】

■ Site name
tricot shop (Toriko shop)


(※ 1) “bitfan” can record the action history of fans from all channels used by fans such as fan club · EC · electronic ticket · concert · SNS etc. SKIYAKI can acquire its heat amount independently It is a developed service.
(* 2) As of the end of September 2018
(* 3) “FanTech” is a new concept proposed by SKIYAKI meaning “Fan × Technology”. We aim to create added value by creating new relationships with the creator of fans, artists, creators, businesses and others using the technology that was in the era.

【Company Profile】
Location: 1-14-6 Dogenzaka, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Humax Shibuya Building 3F
Representative: Takuya Miyase
Capital: 553 million yen (As of the end of May, Heisei 30)
Business description: Platform business, concert / event production business, travel / tour business

■ Corporate:
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