Decided to introduce to “Legend Sports Heroes Tachikawa” opened in December! An oceanfield battle to eat or be eaten, introduce a new “legend fishing”! !

Decided to introduce to “Legend Sports Heroes Tachikawa” opened in December! An oceanfield battle to eat or be eaten, introduce a new “legend fishing”! !

Real fishing pole grip, flying rodella, to Bora, to huedai, authentic indoor fishing!

Legend Baseball Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, hereinafter referred to as Legend Baseball, President and CEO Keiichi Yamauchi) and Pony Canyon (Head office: Minato-ku, Tokyo; hereinafter Pony Canyon, President and CEO Takashi Yoshimura) We will introduce a hard fishing sports “LEGEND FISHING” using a real fishing rod as the latest experienced sports machine to showcase at “Legend Sports Heroes Tachikawa” scheduled to open this month.

At Legend Baseball Corporation, we are developing various experiential sports machines that can be enjoyed by moving the body, including the Olympic Games.

Introducing “Legend fishing” is an action content with the theme of “fishing” as the word suggests, which is introduced in the new store “Legend Sports Heroes Tachikawa” scheduled to open in December, among the 5 new contents waiting to open to the public It will be one.

◆ Manipulate the real bait reel (fishing reel of the drum type) on a real fishing pole, a splendid bargain with fish.
You can enjoy full-scale sea fishing until considerable loss, loss of feeling of missed prey.

Specification of fishing gear · Spec Legend fishing
Fishing rod Co., Ltd. Glass rod of sea fishing specification of about 10,000 yen purchased at Kamiya store
There is a possibility of change due to durability ※
Fishing rod length about 2,100 mm
Used while testing fishing line · Harris 4-6
※ There is a possibility of change in the future
Fishing reel Co., Ltd. Beitle reel purchased at Kamiya store around 6,000 yen
* There is a possibility of change depending on the installation store
There are no fishhooks, no omissions. ※ Directed using drawing motors

◆ Select “1 player play” or “2 player play” and select the tutorial, the explanation of the detailed operation will start.

◆ Basic flow
1. Hold the fishing rod on your left and the reel on your right. Sit down and relax.
2. While winding the reel attached to the fishing rod with the right hand, adjust the fishing line while adjusting so that the thread does not slack.

3. While depressing the button attached to the reel toward the ocean front of the front, throw the omori attached to the tip of the fishing rod into the sea. (Actually I feel like throwing fishing line.)

4. The state of the bait in the sea is displayed on the screen.

5. Wait for fish to bite.
6. As you hit the bait, the thread will be sucked into the sea, so roll up all together so that the thread of the reel will not slack while standing the rod.

7. Pull the fish to your hand while winding the reel well, referring to the screen operation so that the thread does not break.

8. When you fish up the fish well, fish information etc. are projected on the screen.
9. When you do a certain fishing time, fishing is automatically finished and what kind of fish caught is announced.

◆ “Legend fishing” has “female · kids mode” and “male mode”, respectively, the strength of pull, type of fish that sticks, weight, happening incidence rate and so on are different.

If you select “two player play”, the screen will be split in half, the fishing play will proceed at the same timing, and the result will be the specification to decide which “fishing outcome” was better.

In modern society where chance of anglers and fishing has decreased recently, it becomes “surprisingly” hard sports content aimed at “enjoying together” while supporting each other with parents and girlfriends.

Although the new work “Legend fishing” has been introduced to “Legend Sports Heroes Tachikawa”, in the future development, we are planning to update fishnet development, fish variations addition, fish picture book function etc.
We are waiting for the encounter with everyone from the bottom of my heart.

Installation store name: Legend Sports Heroes Tachikawa
Address: 2-11-2 Takeshicho, Tachikawa-shi, Tokyo Fumi Nakita Building B1F
Opening date: scheduled for December 2018, scheduled to operate in conjunction with the opening of the Tachikawa store, to be distributed

Introduction of “Legend Sports Heroes”

We are developing E-Sports (electronic sports) machine which sports and large screens are multiplied to advanced technology such as IT technology, machine and electronics etc.
Experience facility that collects experiential sports machines that have never existed such as fun as “competition”, “familiarity” that everyone can enjoy, “real” not virtualized, “extensibility” of contents, etc. E -Sports (Electronic Sports) As a theme park we will actively develop the “Legend Sports Heroes” brand experience experience facilities, we will continue to devote our efforts towards the creation of a sports market that has never existed with a view to utilizing 5G and AR.

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