“Zoid Wild Battle Card Hunter” Started operation from January 24 (Thursday), 2019!

Aim for it! Find out with the strongest Zoid hunter adventure, battle, excavation action! Your partner (Zoid)!

Takara Tomy Arts Co., Ltd. (President and CEO: Hiroyuki Usami / Location: Katsushika-ku, Tokyo) announces the new business kids’ amusement machine “Zoid Wild Battle” of the latest animated TV animation “Zoid” Card Hunter “from January 24, 2019 (Thurs).

Seeking new zoids! Adventure, battle, excavate, bloom the talent of Zoid Hunter!

“Zoid Wild Battle Card Hunter” is a kids amusement game where you can enjoy a powerful “Zoid hunter experience” with three parts composition, searching Zoids from adventure maps, a furious battle with Zoids they encounter, and discovering Zoids. “Zoid” celebrated its 35th anniversary this year, its latest series “Zoid Wild” started animation broadcasting (MBS / TBS series 28 stations nationwide). This game is the first amusement game of “Zoid Wild” to experience the world of the work.

(1) Find rhea zoid!

When you start the game, “Adventure map” will appear first. Battle stage information etc. are displayed like Sugoroku, select the battle stage you want to play and proceed ahead while clearing the stage.

A limited-time boss battle stage appears, and the game’s original “legendary subspecies Zoid” appears, and a lot of surprise elements are included, and a fresh battle is expanded every time you play. In addition, “Treasure Map” may be randomly distributed to the cards distributed after the game, and the point where you can play treasure is also the point of this game.

(2) Battle with the team! Fight with the strategy!

After selecting battle stage, Zoid battle starts. In battle mode, you can load up to 3 “Zoid cards”. We will challenge our opponent team with three bodies, Tomomi Zoid and my two support zoids, where my avatar carries. In addition, you can strategically make a game using “Battle support card”.

The powerful battle progresses at a tempo where exhilarating and tense feeling is transmitted. And by dramatic command battle production drawn from the height of people’s eyes, you can enjoy a realistic battle as if you are manipulating Zoids on the spot.

(3) Excavation of Zoids!

Zoid card excavation mode starts after the battle is over. You can select the excavation point by operating the lever on the left side of the enclosure, turning the handle in the center of the enclosure invokes the excavation radar, and the hidden zoids are displayed on the screen. Since the zoids are displayed only while turning the steering wheel, it makes sense to actually search with radar, further raising the expectation of digging Zoid.

The unearthed zoids are distributed as cards and can be made active in the next battle.

This flow becomes one game, and we exploit “Zoid card” and “Battle support card” which we got in play, to advance the adventure seeking encounter with strong Zoid.

It is packed with various elements spreading further the cooperation of play which does not end only by distributing cards and the world view of “Zoid Wild”.

■ The first card is more than 60 kinds!
As for the first card, Zoids such as the main character “Wild Liger” of TV animation “Zoid Wild” such as the Empire Shitennoukan machine popular with fans are going to appear, and the card to be distributed is “Wild Rare (WR)” There are more than 60 kinds of Zoid cards of “rare (SR)”, “rare (R)”, “normal” (N) “and” secret rare (SC) “and” battle support card “and more. “Secret rare” is using the concept art of limited enclosure design handled by Mitsutoshi Tokuyama, one of the parents of “Zoid”.

Also, if you store the card in a card album “Adventure Guide” which is sold separately, it looks like a picture book with a sense of unity and the fascination of collecting cards will further increase.

Find the hidden treasure with “Treasure Map” card!
When playing with the card “Sebuka” which can save game data, “Treasure map” may be randomly distributed to the “log card” part of the card to be distributed. Once distributed, it is structured to combine with “Treasure Decipher Refill” distributed at over-the-counter campaigns and events, or “Treasure decryption sheet” installed on the enclosure to understand the treasure status. Whether this treasure is linked with the “adventure map” in the game, look for the same place as the place displayed on the “map of treasure” on the “adventure map” and get a special item can do.

The theme song of the game is “Z-project” by Zoid series familiar “RAMAR” member responsible
The theme song of the game is “RAMAR (Lamar)” which sang the opening theme “Wild Flowers (Wild Flowers)” of the first “Zoid – ZOIDS -” (1999 September ~ December 2000 broadcast) of the TV anime Zoid series Members of Vo. Yusuke Sakai and Gt. Baba are in charge. I will hotly raise “Zoid Wild Battle Card Hunter” with singing voice and lyrics familiar to fans from those days.

«Product Overview»
Product name: “Zoid Wild Battle Card Hunter”
Form: Kids amusement game machine for professional use
Playing fee: 1 play 100 yen (tax included) ~
Number of players: 1 person
Operation period: Thursday, January 24, 2019
Machine size: (width) 679 mm × (depth) 650 mm × (height) 1780 mm ※ including casters, decorations such as POP not included
Machine Weight: Approx 115 kg
Distribution size: (length) 61 mm × (sideways) 127 mm
Play time: 1 game about 8 minutes
Operated at toy shops and amusement facilities
Production: Tomy (Tomy) Arts
Sales: Takara Tomy Arts
Official HP: https://zw-ac.jp
Rights notation: (C) TOMY / ZW Production Committee · MBS (C) T – ARTS

«Related products introduction»
Product name: “Card Album” Adventure Guide ”
Price: 1,300 yen (excluding tax)
Release date: January 24, 2019 (Thur)
Product size: H 210 mm × W 170 mm

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