TV animation “Re: Starting from Zero world life different” & “Bakuretsu Monster” collaboration held!

~ Pursue Petergius with friends with a newly implemented “battle battle”! ~

Koropura Co., Ltd. (CEO: Isao Baba, headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, hereinafter “Colopura”) announced in TV anime “Re: Zero” from the battle game “Bakuretsu Monster” We will hold a collaboration with “Re: Zero” starting from December 17 (Monday).

“Re: Zero” is TV anime based on a popular novel published from KADOKAWA Corporation. A story that 25 episodes are broadcasted from April 2016 and the main character summoned to the fantasy world repeats “returning to death” to overcome difficulties, has gained high support from animation and light novel fans. In this collaboration event, popular characters “Re: Zero” “Emilia” “Remo” “Lamb” “Petergius” will appear in the world of “Bakumon”. Since it is becoming an individual action taking advantage of the features in the original, please pay attention to the figures of the unique characters of “Bakumon”.

In addition, we will implement a “battle battle” that you can join the quest with your colleagues on Monday, December 17. This collaboration descent quest “[attacks] Petergius” can challenge with friends in a fighting battle of a new implementation. “★ 3 Petergius” is definitely available in the first round of beginner’s class, so please try by all means quest. Also, in commemoration of collaboration “We will carry out” Re: Zero world life starting from zero “suppression event campaign”. Various rewards are available according to the number of “Petergius” punished during the period, so please participate in this collaboration event by all means at this opportunity.

In addition to “Re: Zero” collaboration, we will hold a new advent event “【Shivering】 Eli Galle” that can get probable maximum new ★ 5 evolutionary monster “Eligar” in quest clear. As this quest can also participate in the newly implemented “Combat Battle”, try inviting your friends and trying out by all means.

In Coloplera, we will set “Entertainment in Real Life” as a mission, we will continue to focus on expanding applications for smartphones and will provide entertainment that makes “almost every day life” of people’s life more enjoyable and wonderful.

■ TV animation “Re: Zero world life starting from zero” collaboration ~ overview ~

Three popular characters “Emilia”, “Rem” and “Lamb” which are popular characters of “Re: Zero” will appear in the dedicated gacha. Also, in accordance with this collaboration, we will hold a premiere event “【Invasion】 Petergius”. Petergius (★ 3) drops with a certain probability when you clear the event “invasion Petergius”. If you evolve using in-game items, you can evolve to Gacha characters ★ 5, “Petergius” available at the descent event ★ 4.

■ Implementation Period:

Monday 17th December 2018 16: 00 ~ Monday, January 7 15: 59 (planned)

■ Gacha appearance character

▲ Emilia (Maximum Rarity: ★ 5)
(CV: Yi Yi Takahashi)

▲ Rem (maximum rarity: ★ 5)
(CV: Inori Inose)

▲ Lamb (maximum rarity: ★ 5)
(CV: Riku Murakawa)

※ The image is in the state before evolution.
* In order to put it in the state of “after evolution”, items in the game are necessary.
※ In the state of “after evolution” will not appear from Gacha.
※ Please confirm inside the game after collaboration in detail.
* ★ represents realism.

■ Confirmed Drop with Beginner’s First Time Clear! Adventure quest “【Invasion】 Petergius” held

In accordance with this collaboration it is scheduled to host the advent event “【Invasion】 Petergius”.
By clearing the quest, you can obtain “★ 3: Petergius” which can be evolved ★ 4 with probability.
In the first round of beginner class, “Petergius” will be confirmed and will be dropped.
Since the difficulty level is established in stages in this descendant event, beginners are also trying to challenge with difficulty that suits themselves.

▽ Petergius (Maximum Rarity: ★ 4)
(CV: Matsuoka Sadako)

■ Large Scale Update “Combat Battle” Implementation

We plan to implement a “battle battle” that you can challenge quests with friends and colleagues throughout the country on Monday, December 17th.
In a battle battle, you can participate in quests in cooperation with players and friends all over the country.
Companions invited to a battle battle can participate with Battle Energy 0, so invite their friends and try harder.

Together with force to defeat the enemy! What? Held a pill campaign to defeat “Petergius” and receive a gift!

In commemoration of collaboration, we will implement ” Re: Zero-world life starting from zero ‘subjugation event campaign “in which the reward increases step by step according to the number of boss destroyed in the advent event” [Invasion] Petergius “during the period .
Join the collaboration event and get rewards such as gacha tickets.

※ For details please see the in-game announcement
※ Distribution schedule of remuneration will be announced on official Twitter at a later date.

▼ Official Twitter:

Maximum ★ by enemy defeat Get a 5 evolutionable monster! “【Shivering Erugar】” held!
With 【Quest Clear】 Maximum ★ 5 Evolution that can be evolved We will hold “【Shivering Erugar】” which can obtain the new monster “Eligar” with probability.
This quest can also challenge a battle battle as well as “[attacks] Petergius” as well.
A new degree of difficulty “King of Beasts” will appear in “【Shivering Erugar】”. The king of the bomb victim is a quest of a high degree of difficulty which is very difficult to exploit, but since the drop rate is also set high accordingly, players who are familiar with arms please challenge by all means.

■ Implementation Period:
Monday, December 17, 2018 Monday through December 31 to 15: 59 (planned)

■ TV animation “Re: Zero world life starting from zero” Outline of the work
TV animation published based on KADOKAWA Co., Ltd., based on the popular novel of MF Bunko J. The original novel has exceeded 5 million copies, and it has become a highly popular work such as winning the animation division and the lanobube division of “SUGOI JAPAN Award 2017” organized by the Yomiuri Shimbun company.

Official website:

 【Bakuretsu Monster】 Overview】

◆ Application name: Bakuretsu Monster
◆ Price: Item billing system
◆ Genre: Super Transit Battle Battle
◆ Supported OS: Android ™, iOS
◆ Official website URL:
◆ Google Play ™:
◆ App Store:
※ Development is handled by our group company Indigo Game Studio (Osaka-shi, Osaka).

Indigo Game Studio Inc.:

【Coloplera Co., Ltd. Company Outline】
Company Name: Coroplor Corporation
Location: Ebisu, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 4-8-3 Ebisu Garden Place Tower 11F
Establishment: October 1, 2008
Capital: 6,491 million yen (as of the end of September, 2018)
Representative: President and Representative Director Isao Baba
Business contents: Offering mobile game services for domestic and overseas centered on smartphone applications
Providing services for VR (virtual reality) devices
Providing other services such as location information analysis consulting, smartphone specialized research

【Inquiries concerning this release】
Colophra Corporation Corporate Headquarters
Publicity Group, Marketing and Communication Department Kanzaka, Kanaki, Sakurai
(C) Tsuyoshi Chasagi / Published by KADOKAWA / Re: Starting from scratch Other World Living Production Committee
(C) 2018 COLOPL, Inc.

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