Akiko Higashimura, author of “Tokyo Talareba Musume” is being released as a manga application “Palcy (Parsi)”!

love is? What is love? What is happiness? A big hit depicting the conflict of Arasa girls!
“Tokyo Talareba girl” who was also made into a TV drama

“Manga app readable in 2 minutes” “Palcy (Palsi)” which was fully opened in the summer of 2018.
Akiko Higashimura works appeared at a stroke throughout the year-end and New Year holidays with “Opening the whole story” that you can read all the story free of charge!

“Sunflower __ ~ Kenichi Legend” until January 2 next year, 1/3 to 1/9 is “I am crying to the Lord” and “Melopon! Two works of 1/3 ~ daily series “Kaizuki Hime Gaiden BARAKURA ~ Life with Roses ~” and “Tokyo Talareba Musume” will start!
In addition, January 2018 Cool and serialized drama “Kaiyuki Hime” is updated every Sunday and serializing.
Why do not you join the “Higashi Village Akiko Festival” this winter !?
From December 30th to January 5th, we also held a special Otakara Planning, where the login bonus will be ten times daily.

Palcy’s landing page example

↑ Download applications from here!

“Palcy (Parsi)” opened in full scale in the summer of 2018 “Manga app readable in two minutes”.
Immediately, Takarajima ‘s comic series “Amazing! 2019” Onna ed. No. 6, “Pets are always fun whenever both dogs and cats are kept” is selected, and works by Palcy are in the hit one after another!
You can read the big hit or visualized works in the past for a limited time while “Opening the whole story free of charge”, “Daily serial” which is updated daily on new works and topical work as well.

Furthermore, it is a great feature that there is no other point “ale” that you can use as much as you use “reading” “to share” “to comment”. If you accumulate “Yale”, you can apply for “FAN MEETING” that you can see the writer, “Copy original with autographed original”, “Palcy specially made mobile battery” hit or “WORKING RIGHT” will win the prize.
Anyway once you download it and try to enjoy the “new manga world” not just reading it.

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