“Sora tob sakana” sponsored large-scale live “Celestial Music Concert Vol.2”

The 4th person unit “sora tob sakana” sponsored by the large-scale live “Celestial Music Association Vol.2” 2nd appearance artists are banned! Two pairs of PAELLAS, Philosophy’s dance decided for the first time!

4 person unit ‘sora tob sakana’ will be held on February 17th (Sunday) next year at Zepp Tokyo Live event sora tob sakana presents 2nd appearance of ‘Celestial Music Concert Vol.2′ In the organizer Thuman Live Project “Lunar Door” which was held today.

It is already announced that the artists who have already crossed the music scenes such as the next generation triple band Tempalay and the anime world noteworthy singer YURiKA who are highly regarded in the domestic and overseas will be stepping up It is a 4 person band PAELLAS who interprets elements of all genres with its own sense and produces high quality sound.

And from the idle frame is a dance of 4 person group unit · philosophy acting as “idol singing funk and soul”.

In addition to the idol fans, this performance is drawing the attention of a wide range of music fans to the performance of two artists who are highly regarded not only for music but also for performance.
In addition, at this timing, members’ organization of “sora tob sakana band set” which shows sora tob sakana songs in live performance is also released on the event special page. As well as sora tob sakana one-man live performed in July, powerful instruments including music producer Teruyuki Shimari are to set aside, and the expectation value of the sora tob sakana fans also increases.

From today, December 16th (Sunday) at 21 o’clock, general ticket sales of this show will start.
I would like you to experience the enthusiasm and performance of the “Celestial Music Concert Vol. 2” where featured artists come together in this opportunity.

“Live event information”
■ sora tob sakana presents “Celestial Music Concert Vol.2”

◼ ︎ ​​date / time February 17, 2019 (Sunday) opening 13:15 / opening 14:15

■ Venue Zepp Tokyo (3-11 Aoyama 1 – chome, Koto ward Tokyo)

A charge
· 1 F All Standing 4,000 yen
· 2F designated seat 5,500 yen
※ separate drink fee 500 yen
※ Can not be withdrawn due to performer change / cancellation
※ Up to 4 people per person

sora tob sakana band set / Tempalay / PAELLAS / Philosophy dance / YURiKA and more …

【Ticket Information】
▼ General sales deadline: Sunday, December 16, 2018 21:00 – February 16, 2019 (Sat) 23:59

【Eplus】 http://eplus.jp/soratobsakana/e/

【Lawson】 https://l-tike.com/search/?lcd=72498

[Ticket Pia] http://w.pia.jp/t/sora-tob-sakana-2/

【Rakuten ticket】 http://r-t.jp/soratobsakana

※ For details, please check each play guide.

● Inquiries about performances
Pony Canyon Live Creative Div.
03-5521-8077 (Weekday 13: 00 ~ 18: 00)
※ We can not accept inquiries about event contents and lottery.

● Inquiries about tickets Inc. tep info@tep-inc.net

★ Special event page http://soratobsakana.tokyo/event/tentai2/

«Latest product information»
sora tob sakana
Digital Single “Alfredo”
Popular delivery!

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