“White Cat Project” Decided to make TV animation!

Free alarm application is also available for a limited time! Nintendo Switch (TM) “Shironeko New Project (preliminary)” is also followed!

Kolopra Co., Ltd. (CEO: Isao Baba, headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, hereinafter “Coropla”) is making TV animation of the real 3D action RPG for smartphones “white cat project (” white cat ” I announced it.
【”White Cat” Official Site URL】 https://colopl.co.jp/shironekoproject/

“White cat” is a game application that you can enjoy exhilarating action with easy operation. Three pieces of information were announced at “Colopla Fes 2018” held today. The first one is deciding to make TV animation of “white cat”. This animation is the content of the theme “Zero Chronicle ~ Himari no Sin ~” (hereinafter “Zero Chronicle”) held in commemoration of the third anniversary, scheduled to start broadcasting in 2020 Doing.

“Zero Chronicle” is a story that also serves as the cornerstone of the main story that depicts the past of the current white cat world, and has become a popular event that gained the support of many fans. The second is the latest information of the completely new work “Shironeko New Project (tentative)” scheduled to be released at the Nintendo Switch ™ for home game machine, which I reported in July this year. We are introducing a part of the interior of whale-shaped new flying island which also appeared in the trailer movie. The third one is limited time delivery of “White Cat Project Voice Alarm Lite Edition” in which a total of 8 characters of “white cat” popular characters appeared.

You can enjoy the movement of individual “white cat” characters and lines of various situations.
We would like to express our gratitude to the players who are playing “white cats” on a regular basis, and will continue to develop various projects in the future so that we can enjoy more.

■ TV animation is a story about “White Cat TV Animation Project” ~ “Zero Chronicle”! ~

It is scheduled to start broadcasting in 2020. “Zero Chronicle” which is the theme of this animation is an event held to celebrate that “White Cat” celebrated its 3rd anniversary of service. This event will be the story which becomes the cornerstone of the main story which draws the past of the current white cat world of the hero and the heroine’s iris interwoven. It is endorsed by many players and has won first place in the popular voting event department performed in the app in April this year. For further details, please wait for the next report.

■ “Shironeko New Project (Tentative)” Latest information ~ The interior of the new flying island is made public! ~

We are disclosing the interior of the whale-type New Flying Island which also appeared in the already released trailer movie and the facilities dotted inside. Please wait for the future information on how these will be involved in the story.

● Trailer Movie URL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jwoKQ-YfNc4

● “Shironeko New Project (Tentative)” basic information

【Title】 Shironeko New Project (temporary)
[Release time] Scheduled to be released in 2020
[Compatible models] Nintendo Switch
【Price】 TBD
【Genre】 Action RPG
Scheduled for review 【CERO】
※ The contents and specifications are subject to change without notice

★ Opening the interior of New Flying Island!

Inside the stomach part of the whale, the living space expands. As you advance the game, various facilities will appear in the central stone pavement section, and flying islands will crowd. What kind of facilities will be built?

▲ Facility 1: Guild

“Guild” is a facility that manages every quest. Players will receive orders for quests with this “guild” and will start out on adventure.

▲ Facility 2: Blacksmith
In the “blacksmith” you can purchase weapons and armor and strengthen it.

“White Cat Project Voice Alarm Lite Version” appeared!

It is the official voice alarm application of “white cat” announced within “Colopla Fes 2018” held today. This application will be a Lite version for a limited time free delivery. We use Live2D as the visual of the character in the application, and the character moves and talks according to the screen tap. A lot of voices flowing on special days such as birthday and Christmas are recorded. The caster that appears in this application is 8 bodies collected votes in the character voice section of the popularity vote that made in the “white cat” application in April this year. We plan to distribute the official version of this application with more voices in the future.

【Application name】 White cat project Voice alarm Lite version
【Delivery period】 December 16, 2018 (Sun) – January 16, 2019 (Wed) scheduled
【Price】 Free
【Google Play ™ URL】
【App Store URL】

* In Google Play and the App Store, it may take time to download it. For details, please see “White cat” official Twitter account (https://twitter.com/wcat_project). ※ The content and distribution period of the application may change without notice. ※ The image is under development. ※ The official version of the fee will be released at a later date. * Lite version has some function restrictions.

★ Dedicated recording down voice and moving with Live 2D! Enjoy your favorite characters and apps!

【White Cat Project Basic Information】

“White cat project” is a real 3D action RPG which can be enjoyed with easy operation. Besides battle and town planning, it also features a real-time communication battle that can be played by up to 4 players. The game develops mainly on the story of a magnificent adventure, realizing just the royal road RPG with smartphone. On July 14, 2018, we celebrated the 4th anniversary.

◆ Application name: white cat project
◆ Price: Item billing system
▼ Google Play ™: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=jp.colopl.wcat
▼ App Store: https://itunes.apple.com/jp/app/id895687962
▼ Amazon Android App store: http://www.amazon.co.jp/apps
※ For non-Kindle Fire series, please install Amazon Android App Store from above URL on Android ™ terminal and enjoy.
◆ Official website: http://colopl.co.jp/shironekoproject/
◆ Official Twitter account: https://twitter.com/wcat_project

【Coloplera Co., Ltd. Company Outline】
Company Name: Coroplor Corporation https://colopl.co.jp
Location: Ebisu, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 4-8-3 Ebisu Garden Place Tower 11F
Establishment: October 1, 2008
Capital: 6,491 million yen (as of the end of September, 2018)
Representative: President and Representative Director Isao Baba
Business contents: Offering mobile game services for domestic and overseas centered on smartphone applications
Providing services for VR (virtual reality) devices
Providing other services such as location information analysis consulting, smartphone specialized research

In Coloplera, we will set “Entertainment in Real Life” as a mission, we will continue to focus on expanding applications for smartphones and will provide entertainment that makes “almost every day life” of people’s life more enjoyable and wonderful.

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