$ 1,000,000 GoPro Awards for highlight video crowded to HERO 7 Black users!

56 creators from more than 25,000 posts evenly divide $ 1,000,000 Japanese people also won!

GoPro, Inc. (NASDAQ: GPRO) today announced the winners of HERO 7 Black Million Dollar Challenge and posted cloud-sourced highlight videos on GoPro.com by users. In September of this year, according to the launch of GoPro’s flagship model HERO 7 Black, GoPro created a highlight video of the product with the video posted from the user and divided $ 1,000,000 equally among all the winners I tried to receive it. As a result, about 2 minutes highlight video composed of images taken by HERO 7 Black users around the world was completed.

Nick Woodman, founder and CEO of GoPro, said, “Up until now our highlight video was made by the in-house media team who knew how to take perfect shots, and now HERO 7 Black It is now possible for anyone to shoot like a professional shoot while doing their favorite activities.We hope that users will shoot this year’s highlight video and pay the price for it I decided to pay, I believe it was really good to do, they totally paid off.

HERO 7 Black Million Dollar Challenge has over 25,000 entries from all over the world. Fifty-six HERO 7 Black users’ images are used for highlight video, making it an image that stirs up the passion and creativity of the GoPro community. Each user employed in the HERO 7 Black Million Dollar Challenge video gets about $ 17,500.

“This crowdsource approach has become feasible for the first time with HERO 7 Black’s amazingly smooth video stabilization HyperSmooth,” Nick says.

“This crowdsource approach is that HERO 7 Black’s incredibly smooth video stabilization HyperSmoothHyperSmooth makes it possible to shake vibrant videos like gimbals in various environments such as land, underwater, high speed, It was possible to shoot easily with just it.
It became feasible for the first time. “Nick says.

HERO 7 Black ‘s TimeWarp has been able to watch and share the long scenes such as driving in a beautiful scenery, diving in the sea, walking in the city like “magical carpet” It is a function that creates new creativity of changing shape to an easy short clip. HyperSmooth and TimeWarp are also featured in highlight videos.

The following Japanese users are also selected for highlight video.
Kazuki Kiyosawa @ Kazukiyo 0427 (https://www.instagram.com/kazukiyo0427/)
Taiyo Masuda @ taiyomasuda (https://www.instagram.com/taiyomasuda/)
Yoshiaki Muramatsu @ yoshitech 3 (https://www.instagram.com/yoshitech 3/)

Details of HERO 7 Black Million Dollar Challenge, a list of winners of the awards, and spotlight stories of several winners are posted on GoPro’s blog, The Inside Line. For HERO 7 Black lineup etc. please refer to GoPro.com.

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