Twenty years after hide left. An impressive perfect history book to be released to Memorial Year will be released! !

“Never ending dream – hide story -” will be released on Saturday, December 15th from KADOKAWA Corporation.

As a guitarist of X JAPAN, “hide” gave great influence to the Japanese music scene as a solo artist (hide with Spread Beaver / zilch). Ever since he died in 1998, this year marks the milestone of 20 years, and now various 20th memorial projects are deployed. Among them, the author, Akemi Oshima, who was deeply involved in both public and private activities, produced the manuscripts based on the interview manuscripts and huge materials he had done before hide. Also, for this book only new parents, staff, friends are newly interviewed, becoming a comprehensive historical book of hide’s life closer to the heart.

Purchase benefits

With quantity limited, benefits will be attached when purchasing at the following shops. (Please note we will close as soon as the item is gone.)

· LEMONed SHOP (ONLINE SHOP / shop) cover design original sticker
※ It may differ from the actual product. Please note.

· Rakuten: original bookmark
※ It may differ from the actual product. Please note.

· Rakuten: original bookmark
· HMV & BOOKS SHIBUYA (Store only): Original Coasters
※ It may differ from the actual product. Please note.

In commemoration of the release, a large signboard is posted outside the ticket gate of Shibuya station Tokyu Denento line! Furthermore, at the HMV & BOOKS SHIBUYA “Never ending dream – hide story -” release commemoration panel exhibition!

▲ Tokyu Denentoshi line Shibuya station outside the ticket gate B2F (Shibuya Big 8) large sign sign designation

▲ Keikyu Line Yokosuka Central Station Wicket Outside B1 Size Poster

In commemoration of the release of this work, I posted a large sign at the Shibuya station gate outside Tokyu Denento line (Shibuya Big 8) for a week from December 10 (Mon) to December 16 (Sun) We are. Also, from December 12 (Wednesday) to December 18 (Tue), poster B1 size poster at Yokosuka Central Station on the Keikyu Line. Please visit when you stop by nearby!
In addition, I plan to post a door sticker in the car on the Keikyu Line through the city of “Yokosuka” where hide was born and raised for 1 month from Thursday, January 3, 2019.

In addition, from December 11 (Tuesday) until December 25 (Tue), HMV & BOOKS SHIBUYA will exhibit release commemorative panels. In accordance with the picture of hide imaged from the content of “Never ending dream – hide story -“, extract a sentence from that book along the era and episode. It is a specification that allows you to see some of the books before release.

【Period / place】
December 11 (Tue) – December 17 (Monday) HMV & BOOKS SHIBUYA 5F & 7F
December 18 (Tue) – December 25 (Tue) HMV & BOOKS SHIBUYA 7F only
For details, please check the special site.
◆ Special site

Born on December 13, 1964. I am from Yokosuka city, Kanagawa prefecture. As a guitarist of X JAPAN “HIDE”, as a solo artist “hide” (hide with Spread Beaver / zilch), it continues to exert a great influence on the Japanese music scene. This year marks the milestone of 20 years since I went to sleep in 1998. A large outdoor event hide 20th memorial SUPER LIVE “SPIRITS” was held in April. In May, in the spring of 1998, the release of the memorial box “hide 1998 – Last Words -” complete with the last story that hide himself told himself, and the documentary film “HURRY GO ROUND” will be released at the National Theater and in June Releases tribute album “hideTRIBUTE IMPULSE”, and in December “hide Birthday Party 2018” is held. Various hide 20th memorial projects are being developed one after another in order to convey “sound” and “message” left by hide to future generations.
hide official web site:

Book overview

“Never ending dream – hide story -”
Author: Akemi Oshima regular price (main body 1700 yen + tax)
Size: Shikoku page number: 304 pages
ISBN: 978-4-04-735383-1
Bibliographic Page:
Special site:
※ The cover will be special processing, so the color and actual color will be different.

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