A stamp case of Totoro appears motif

A modest Hanko turns into Totoro and a cat bus! What? It is likely to be healed every time he makes a sign, the name stamp of the ghibli character.
It is possible to put a name tag that is troublesome in the place in a pretty figure, it is an irresistible name stamp appeared in Ghibli fan. You will heal the busy you warmly at your home or office.
Okada Shokai Co., Ltd. (Location: Osaka Prefecture Osaka City, Manager: Okayama Kojiro), which manages the stamp of the Internet “Osaka Shinko Shop Hankozu”, is a ghibli character that I love to wear at home or office ” Name stamp stand “was released on December 20

It is no exaggeration to say that there is one in your home or office name stamp. Is not there rolling around at the entrance and the office, there is something in trouble with the place?

This name stamp stand is a revolutionary thing that you can store it in a figure of a pretty Ghibli character – by attaching it to a name stamp (infiltration seal) up to the body size diameter 16 mm – 18 mm.

You can choose from the following five types of figure characters.

This is Totoro of “My Neighbor Totoro”. Although Totoro is said to be only able to meet when he is a child, this name stamp stand can meet Totoro even if he becomes an adult.

This is Medium Totoro & Small Totoro. Small Totoro to be found by Mei in the story first, and middle Totoro appearing next. Ghibli passing is also conscientious scary.

My familiar character of Totoro – that cat bass appeared. Cute face is reproduced in real.

Here is Jiji of a black cat appearing in “Kiki’s Delivery Service”. It is also recommended for cat lover, but please note that you can not talk with other people than kiki.

Other loveable character · Kaonashi of “Spirited Away” will also appear.

When using the name stamp, pull out the figures part and punch on the documents etc as they are! And a cross stamp. Ease of just inserting it into a dedicated stand after pushing. Normally, a sparse and unnoticeable name stamp becomes a character of my favorite ghibli – heal you busy at home or office.

Ghibli character ‘Name stamps’

Seal Hanko SHOP Hankozu

※ The selling source of this product will be Beverly Co., Ltd. The copyright notice is as follows.
(C) Studio Ghibli
(C) 1989 Eiko Kadono-Studio Ghibli · N

There are 5 types of figure characters



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