“Plarail” × “Hello Kitty” × “Sanyo Shinkansen” toy will be released

Hello Kitty will celebrate its 45th anniversary on Plarail, which marks the 60th anniversary! (※) In-car sales at the real “Hello Kitty Shinkansen” also

Plarail “SC-07 Hello Kitty Shinkansen”
Plarail “SC-07 Hello Kitty Shinkansen”

 Takara TOMMY Co., Ltd. launched the “Hello Kitty Shinkansen” of West Japan Railway Company Limited, which designed Sanrio’s popular character “HELLO KITTY (Hello Kitty)”, a new product “SC – 07 Hello” series of railway toys “Plarail” Kitty Shinkansen “(suggested retail price: 2,800 yen / excluding tax) from the end of February 2019, toys shop nationwide, toys sale of department stores and mass merchandisers, Internet shops, plarail specialty store” Plarail shop “,” Hello Kitty bullet train “inside the car, a store at a stop, a Takara Tomy official shopping site” Takara Tomy Mall “(takaratomymall.jp), some Sanrio Shop etc.
(※) “Plarail” will celebrate the 60th anniversary in 2019, “Hello Kitty” will celebrate the 45th anniversary in 2019 respectively.

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