A SNS follower of over one million people creator · Chi Sanpo draws a little surreal and funny laughable cute story “Chi sanpo no kappa syokudo” book!

This book is a collection of 4 series comic strip comic book “# Chi sanpo no kappa eatery” series which was talked about as “something cute” “surreal and funny” by SNS in one volume. A cute little story of Kappa and Animals is spelled out in full color with 128 pages including drawing.

Character appearances include the store manager’s “Kappa no Suki” and regular dinner’s regularly san’s cat “Neko”, a dreamy penguin “Penncich” to bring a friend back to the South Pole … … further tell a story It is some kind of food that life has for some reason. It is one book that you can enjoy plenty of creators · Chi San Lo world, which is a bit surreal and smiling funny.

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