Tatsunoko Pro “Hakushon Daimao” 50th anniversary commemoration new character

Tatsunoko Pro “Hakushon Daimao” 50th anniversary commemoration new character announcement!
The long-awaited new character ‘Puou Takun’ debuts spectacularly! “Puu Takun” is born as the youngest brother of Aki-chan’s son, Haion Daemon. Costume, “Hakusho Daimao” YouTuber channel starts activity!
Thank you very much for everything.
Tatsunoko Co., Ltd. (Musashino-shi, Tokyo, Representative Director: Yutaka Kuwabara, Tatsunoko Pro) is a joint project with speeedy Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Setagaya-ku, Tokyo, President: Tatsuya Kishimoto) Through Costume YouTuber ‘Hakusushon Demon King’, we will inform you that the new character ‘Pu Tak Takun’ was born.
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The TV animation “Haku Demon King” was broadcasted in 1969 for the first time and celebrates the milestone of 50th anniversary next year. Starting from October 2, 2018, the costume YouTuber “Hakusho Daimao” planning will start, we will work on the whole company for the 50th birthday of birth. Among them, we have created a new character for all of our fans who have patronized us for a long time, and also for everyone of the next generation who does not know much about Haion Daemon, in order to get familiar with this work.
The newly appearing “Puru Takun” will start working together with your older sister “Akuban” as a member of YouTuber “Takushosan Demon King” family. Cute appearance but totally “Juru there (!?)” Please expect from their future success!

■ New Character “Pu Tak Takun” Profile
He is the son of Ha Demon King, Brother of Akbi.
Cheerfully disgusting and energetic. She is rivaling her older sister, Akbi,
Often times, each other hits each other. I also wanted to be cool.

Tegumi “Pura Takun” picture
Tegumi “Pura Takun”
Tegumi “Pura Takun”

“Pu Takun” Illustration / picture: Yoshida Tsuki

“Pu Takun” Illustration
“Pu Takun” Illustration

■ 着 う ぐ み Youtuber “は く し ょ ん 大 魔王” And?
A new project that began on October 2, 2018.
“Hakuishous Daishubu” who descended into the real world and took over 100 million yen of debt, along with yawn being a daughter,
A story for repaying debts is being distributed on YouTube and various SNS.

· Puppet Takun Twitter: https://twitter.com/Poohtakun_0nara?lang=en
· Dakusho Daimao Twitter: https://twitter.com/hanbaaagulove?lang=en
· Yukuba Twitter: https://twitter.com/love2akubi?lang=en
· YouTube “Hakusushan & Yawn-chan”
: Https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCk4vuG9hwJu4tFXp0c3y9nA/featured

Costumes YouTuber ‘Hakusushon Daimao’ picture

Costumes YouTuber ‘Hakusushon Daimao’ picture
Costumes YouTuber ‘Hakusushon Daimao’ picture
■ Introduction of TV Animation “Haku Demon King”

1969 October, every Sunday 18 o’clock – TV animation was broadcast for the first time in Fuji TV series.
A total of 52 times (104 talks).
A sluttoid gag comedy that a magical wizard emanates in the human world. Hakushon Demon King,
Despite being a wizard, he is not a versatile one, he is friendly and tears fragile, he is not good at arithmetic.
Received the loveable positive character, repeatedly repeated replay from the end of the broadcast, still popular work now.

TV animation “Haion Da Maou” image

TV anime “Hakushin Daimao” picture
TV anime “Hakushin Daimao” picture
About Tatsunoko Pro Co., Ltd.
An animation production company established in 1962. Taking the “dreams of children in the world” slogan
“Mach GoGoGo” “Science Ninja Corps Gatchaman” “Time Bokan” series,
 I sent hit works of all genres to the world. Even now many characters,
 Beyond the era, beyond generation, it continues to be loved by people all over the world.
 Company name: Tatsunoko Co., Ltd.
 Representative: Yuzo Kuwahara President and Representative Director
 Location: 1-19-3 Nakamachi, Musashino-shi, Tokyo 2F Musashino YS Building 2F
 Business description: Planning / production of animation movies etc.
 Character planning, design, production
 Domestic and foreign licenses for images, characters, etc.
 Establishment: October 19, 1962

About speeedy Co., Ltd.
speeedy is a work of video work centered on many YouTube, including production of famous Yuru character content
I have done the work. Our company stuck in the youth generation centered on “now” teens
We will utilize creativity and provide entertainment for many people.
Company name: speeedy Co., Ltd.
Representative: Tatsuya Kishimoto, President and Representative Director
Address: 5-1-11 Okusawa Setagaya-ku, Tokyo Mezzodo Joie 202
Business description: Influencer marketing business, loose character business
Establishment: January 24, 2018

(C) Tatsunoko Pro / Mita · Chop / Dakusho Daimao KG Production Committee
(C) Tatsunoko Pro

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