The cartoon comic book “Neko Host” on Twitter finally gets a comic book!

“Your cat can be a female hostess or a feline cat!” Twitter campaign is ongoing as well! ! !
Today, the comic book of the comic book “Neko Host” (Futabasha) which became a hot topic on Twitter has been released!
This work is a comic set on the “cat host club” that started with the thought that the author / Uzuki Yu (Twitter account @ yo_yo_yo_u) said “There is no cat host club! .
Four pieces (some 3 pieces) Manga and parentheses A cute color illustration combines a cat book that is unbearable.
Please bring “cat host” by all means during New Year’s holidays!
Cover ‘cat host’
Cover ‘cat host’

[Synopsis] “Neko Host” quietly standing behind the alley. Friendly No.1 tricolored cat MIKE (Mike). Oddiye ‘s ambitious home white cat HAKU (Haku). An innocent tiger cat LEO (Leo). My pussy black cat Kuro (black). Today also working well in order to heal tired customers!
There is no doubt that the cat tower will enter instead of the champagne tower, the contribution is not a luxury watch, its bags, etc., will be captivated by parentheses cute neko hosts !!

■ 4 frames “Tower”

■ “Your cat is a cat host or a miss cat !!” Twitter campaign

Between December 18, 2018 and January 6, 2019,
Follow the “Neko Host” official Twitter account @ nekohost_o and give an illustration of three domestic cats as “cathost” or “cat cuba” by lottery out of those who did RT campaign tweet below Campaign is underway! ! Please take this opportunity to RT! !

Application period: January 6, 2019 (Sunday) until 23:59

★ Campaign tweets

★ ‘Neko Host’ Official Twitter Account
@ nekohost_o

★ “Neko Host” special site

■ Autograph session decision

In commemoration of the book release, signing party at Yokohama station west entrance comic kingdom was decided!

Date and time: 2019 / January 20 (Sunday) 14: 00 ~
Venue: Yura Neighborhood Yokohama Station West Exit Special room in the comic kingdom

For details, please check from the following URL.

■ Bibliographic information
Title: “Neko Host”
Author: Uzuki Yo
Release date: Friday, December 21, 2018
Fixed price: main body 880 yen + tax
Format: A5 size
Publisher: Futabasha
※ Release date varies according to region.

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